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  1. Midnuit Chretiens. (O Holy Night in French). Try that for fun!!
  2. There are some echos of Dennis in his voice but he still has some way to go before he gets the timbre down ....
  3. From the little song bite they provide, he seems to do a good job with it. Amanda
  4. Pics and vids are now up on the board! When I look at the pics, Dennis' shirt and tie look blue, when it was really purple. Like Dennis says, "How can we believe our eyes?!?" I still miss Tommy's clear, crisp, studio-quality notes. August and Jimmy are better showmen, of course, but I still miss Tommy's sound .... One more thing - if you take a good look at Jimmy with that whisper of a goatee and mustache, who is he beginning to look like to you? It's almost spooky.
  5. It always strikes me how BLUE his eyes are ....
  6. 787 downloads

    Place Des Arts, April 8, 2011. Montreal audience on their feet before the song is halfway done!! Applause plentiful afterward!!
  7. 452 downloads

    Place Des Arts, Montreal, April 8, 2011. Montrealers love Suite Madame Blue - you can hear them singing along! Part One.
  8. 477 downloads

    Place Des Arts, Montreal, April 8, 2011. Dennis was in fine form that night.
  9. 424 downloads

    Place Des Arts, Montreal, April 8, 2011. Okay, the first minute of this is funny - Jimmy is busy playing so he forgets to do the second "head shake". August turns to look over at him and gives him these big googly eyes. Jimmy, on his side, tries not to laugh!! Ha!
  10. That would be a LEATHER jacket, not jean jacket. Sigh. Next time I'm going to write notes on paper before I got to bed and then write it out properly the next day when I'm awake! As a matter of fact, Dennis told the old joke that they had planned a longer concert but that Fonzie had called and wanted his jacket back. Can you tell Dennis was in Milwaukee recently? LOL!
  11. Okay, pics and vids uploaded to my Facebook page. If anyone wants to see them and isn't a friend, just send a friend request. I'll approve you if you promise to behave, LOL!
  12. I'm officially having problems uploading pics onto the board. Ron already knows about it so I'll wait until he gets that worked out before doing the uploads.
  13. It took me at least two hours to wind down to get to sleep. Can't complain though, I only had to drive 10 minutes to get home rather than 7 hours!
  14. Uploading pics and vids to Facebook first and then I'll put them up here. The venue was mostly sold out. There were a few empty seats here and there, but I would think those are people who couldn't make it to the show (sick, work, etc.) rather than unsold seats. The place was pretty well packed. Good crowd? DDY in Montreal? Are you kidding? Absolutely!! You'll see the reaction of the crowd during SMB when I get the vid up. The crowd was on their feet before the song was over.
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