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  1. You have to allow your browser to accept cookies during the session. Firefox: Option -> Privacy -> Cookie -> Accept cookies from websites. I set it to keep cookies until Firefox shuts and it works fine here. Explorer: Internet Option -> Privacy -> Advanced mode -> Cookies: Accept + Always accept cookies of the session. As I have the Italian version of both browsers, the translation of terms may not be perfect. But hope it helps.
  2. About 4 hour drive from Toronto... I cannot ask my Canadian friends to come there with me, because the next day they have to work... :sad: Still hoping in a concert near Toronto though... and I'll fly there again also for him! I really hope you'll go! And remember this: I want a detailed review, lots of pics and videos!!!
  3. Whoohoo! Dennis sent me a signed CD! He wrote "to (my surname)" and signed it!!! It's a great surprise to me, because I did not expect to get it! Last year I ordered the Hunchback CD via his website and I got it. I remember that in the form I added a couple of lines asking if he also could send a signed picture, but I did not get it. Now, after one year, I get the same CD but it's signed by Dennis! Is not Dennis great???? I'm soooooo happy!!!
  4. You don't need to ship it.... Put it in the refrigerator... (perhaps) I'll be in Canada on September... so I can take it directly! Again... Happy Birthday sweet friend!!!!! Hugs!
  5. Happy Birthday Amanda!!! Enjoy your day!!!!!!!!
  6. That's great news! Glad to see that Dennis is going to come here in Europe! But... but... Mr. DeYoung... please... don't forget that you're also half Italian...
  7. WOWWW! I also got a parcel from Ron!!!!! Thank you very much Ron! You made my day!!!!! ><
  8. Just added Gatineau, Quebec, on August 31: CLICK HERE Well, Mr. DeYoung.... I'm still waiting for a concert in Toronto!!!
  9. Lovely pic!!! And YES! He's very handsome!!! :cool:
  10. Love the video!!! Thank you very much!!!!!!!! :wink:
  11. I've just taken a look at his website and saw that he added more dates. When I saw Quebec I've thought about you, Amanda! I'm asking a big favor to everyone here. Sometimes some dates of his tour are added at the last days (or something like that, I apologize for my English) so if someone of you knows about a concert in the Toronto area and if it is not listed on his website yet, please, please, please, apprise me! I'm planning to come back to Toronto on summer (August or September) and if there's a DDY concert, I can change the date of my holiday there and go to see his concert. :wink:
  12. Hey... a couple of years and he will be taller than you! LOL Thanks for sharing the pictures with us! Big hugs to your son and to you!
  13. Wowwww Amanda!!!! Cool!!!!!!!!
  14. Happy Birthday Ron!!!!!!!
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