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  1. Here's my autographed set list from the 7/31 show & a closeup showing the date.
  2. I spoke with Dennis last night & he confirmed that the line is " The scent of pine how it filled the air as we trimmed the tree with loving care" not "It's satisfying..."
  3. I believe this was transcribed by a fan, and that it was transcribed wrong. If you have the CD, you should give it a listen.
  4. To get back on topic, I think the Live In LA DVD and CD are great. What you don't hear, however, is what I did at the filming of the show--the crowd. They were singing so loudly at times they nearly drowned out the band. The entire show was extremely loud, and in that tiny venue the crowd nearly overpowered the band with their singing. Crystal Ball is a good example, where the crowd started singing it with August. Fortunately, this crowd had really good harmony. I have to say it's interesting to see the recording of this show since I saw it in person. Well worth the trip to that smog-choked earthquake-prone almost foreign-country feeling city. It was weird seeing newspaper vending machines with papers in Korean, and business signs in Hebrew, Arabic, and Ethiopian to name a few of the ones we saw on our trip.
  5. I haven't seen Dennis and the band for a couple of months, and with the holidays and their aftermath have been quite busy. However, I still drop by and read the boards in addition to enjoying the fact that DDY has discovered that the internet isn't all bad. I do have a question--Can I submit a lyrics correction? In When I Hear A Christmas Song, he sings "And the scent of pine how it filled the air as we trimmed the tree with loving care..." and it's listed as "And it's satisfying how it filled the air," which I believe is wrong.
  6. There are supposed to be two releases of material from the El Rey show--one for AXS TV and the live CD/DVD, and I was told by the crew as I stood in line and chatted with them when they had a chance that different material is supposed to be used for both; some songs that make the TV show won't be on the DVD and vice versa. The show was a full 2 hours long, so there's a lot for them to choose from. Set list: TGI Lady Lorelei Blue Collar Man Show Me The Way Mr. Roboto Crystal Ball Don"t Let It End (acoustic vesion) Too Much Time Rockin The Paradise Desert Moon Babe Fooling Yourself Prelude 12 Suite Madam Blue Best Of Times Renegade Come Sail Away
  7. Here's a link to our video of Crystal Ball from the DVD taping in LA. You can see one of the official camerapeople standing on Jimmy and August's side of the stage. We talked to a camera salesperson, and we may need to upgrade to a camcorder to get better audio. Once the drums start in, the sound overwhelmed our microphone. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCawGgeBxoQ&feature=youtu.be
  8. I was at the El Rey, and it was a terrific show. We weren't allowed to take our good camera in, but we did take a small digital but took only a few photos and one video of August singing Crystal Ball. While the video is better than our old video camera that we used to take our Vegas Born For Adventure video, the audio still sucks because we were standing in the front row and the bass was cranked up really high, so while the beginning of the song sounds OK, as soon as the drums kick in, it's not that great. Think we've worked out the pixelization that occurred during conversion, but my sweetie is so disappointed in the sound that he thinks he doesn't want to post the video at all. It seemed to me like the entire crowd was singing along loudly at all times during the show. I wonder if it's going to come through in the DVD or if they'll be able to process it so it's not so obvious. I thought everyone was in fine form at the show, and they did a nice long set list that included SMTW, CB, RTP, and even included Desert Moon, which I haven't heard him do in a couple of years.
  9. Saw DDY and the gang in Allen, TX 6/29/13. We are still processing pics/videos from the show, but we've already posted Renegade on Youtube. Taken from the front row just left of center stage. DDY and his band did a wonderful job. It was the hottest most humid concert I've ever attended, which is saying a lot because I've seen shows outdoors in Phoenix in the middle of summer, but DDY and the band managed to stay cool and active throughout the show. The lights glare into the camera at times because of the height of the stage, but I think the sound came out better than it did in the video we took in Vegas last year.
  10. Is there a theatrical version on the DVD now? We saw APM in the theater and again on DVD a year or so later, and in the theater, we saw Suzanne very clearly several times, and in the DVD, she's been all but removed from the background. It seemed to us that the entire Kilroy scene used on the DVD was shot from a different angle than the one seen in the theater release. It was hilarious seeing Dennis playing the DDY impersonator with that oversized Roboto head!
  11. Starfire

    Boomchild Video

    I think it's a reference to doo-wop music, which was popular when Dennis was growing up. Doo-wop incorporates a lot of nonsense syllables that can often repeat during a song. The beginning of the song Blue Moon is a good example of doo-wop "phrasing". You'll also hear things like "sh boom" and "sha na na" (with varying amounts of na's after the initial sha sound) in doo-wop songs. In Boomchild, I see it as a tribute to that musical genre and therefore not meant to mean anything specific.
  12. Sounds like JY may have had a "change of heart", though it sounds to me it must be more of an "I've got an empty of wallet so let's get the man who wrote the hits that made us rich back so we can use him again" statement. I was on the old Styx website's (paradisetheater.com) board back when the whole ousting of Dennis took place, and both TS and JY were very vocal about how "Dennis didn't want to tour", which was only partially true. Fortunately, Dennis had his own forum in his original website (grandillusion.com) in which to air his comments since he was locked out of the PT.com site when the other members decided to kick him out. Dennis asked for time to get a diagnosis and treatment for his illness, and the others flat out refused to do so, even going so far as to say they were certain he wasn't even ill. Does anyone else remember their nasty comments on "Behind The Music"? JY was being a smart a**, saying that Dennis had been to 18 different doctors and didn't have a diagnosis, and if they can't find anything wrong... Of course, we now know Dennis needed to see the right kind of doctors and have the right tests done, but his hostility towards Dennis was really apparent at that time. As for Dennis going back, I think he'd love to be invited back into Styx. After all, he founded the band and took it to its success with his hits and voice. While I find what was done to him reprehensible, I've come to enjoy his solo shows more than I did Styx shows, so from my point of view, I'd prefer he continue touring solo, and I've been seeing Styx/Dennis since the 70s.
  13. We shot this video from the front row--there was a wing that extended out into the audience front and center. The main stage on Fremont is about 5 feet tall, which is why we were shooting up their bodies when they were really close. The audio could be better, but the wind never stopped blowing for the entire show.
  14. Using Dennis and Kevin Bacon, I'm four degrees from Kevin Bacon: 1. Met Dennis a couple of times. 2. Dennis played John Travolta's Superbowl party in 2008. 3. John Travolta starred with Kyra Sedgewick in Phenomenon. 4. Kyra Sedgewick starred with Kevin Bacon in Lemon Sky.
  15. I saw Dennis recently and had a chance to ask for an autograph after the show. I asked him about his new CD because he'd mentioned it on stage and all he said is that all the songs are written but he hasn't recorded any of them yet. Starfire
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