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    Thank You Ron

    Just a small note.... First off - the update to DDYTALK.com is awesome. I want to say thank you Ron for the website, and forum! Cheers, Jay
  2. I find it interesting when talking about a new album. I have mixed feelings about DDY and trying to sound like Styx and not. I LOVED Hunchback, 10 on Broadway, and even his 101 Dalmatians music. I also LOVE his solo songs. I thought of 100 years as DDY not as Styx - but with that Styx feel. I want him to do an album HE thinks is good music... no matter the "supposed" style. I trust his taste!
  3. cd/DVD on the way......re-watching the AXS show again today - my favorite is still "The Best of Times" A new album would be great! Can't wait until January to see him live here in Texas!
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