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  1. After seeing both Dennis and Styx this past 12 months - I wanted to just comment on how I feel today. 1. I am a die-hard Styx fan - love the band in all incarnations. Having said that - at this point, my favorite band members are Tommy, Ricky, and Todd (and Chuck when he shows up). 2. Dennis DeYoung and his band do a better job at most the songs - and I would pay to see them over Styx given the choice. 3. I know Tommy is working on an "Americana" solo album - and am looking forward to that. I would also like to see Shaw Blades do another record. 4. While the concerts cate
  2. Your choice of written by / sung by....so long as he is involved in it. Cool list btw!
  3. So I thought I'd go through and pick my favorite DDY songs on the Styx albums out there he is on.....and see what everyone else's are: Wooden Nickel records Styx (aka Styx 1): Best Thing is really the only choice here, but it IS the best song on the album! Styx II: Lady is the obvious choice - and it is my favorite. Earl of Roseland would be my second choice. The Serpent is Rising: The Grove of Eglantine - always thought this was a great song. Man of Miracles: I would choose Unfinished Song, truly a great song, but from the original release? Christopher Mr. Christopher A&
  4. My wife and I saw Dennis DeYoung and his band in Richardson, Texas on 4/23/15. This was a "rescheduled" show from one originally scheduled for a Friday night in January. We had 2nd row center stage seats. This was at a performing arts center concert hall - so most of the music we heard that close came from the monitors the musicians were using, and not from the sound system pointed back beyond our seats. For that reason alone - some of the "in song" quips I couldn't hear clearly. Beyond that - this concert was OUTSTANDING. This is the first time I've gotten to see Dennis actually live i
  5. It was a lot of fun - I've posted a review under concert reviews! https://www.ddytalk.com/index.php?showtopic=1928&p=9033
  6. Tonight is the night - 4 hours away - will report back tomorrow!!!
  7. It was fun to listen to - I'd see them if they were playing at my local bar.
  8. His rescheduled Dallas show is this month - so I'll let you know how it is (I'm in the 2nd row center).
  9. This month I will - so I'll let you know. I've heard him play with the Weeklings - and seen him in those videos on youtube. Just a few weeks away now - can't wait!
  10. I agree - it is also nice to see Dennis is embracing social media today. I always enjoyed his interviews - but always wondered how much was "edited" in interviews. When he posts - you get what he thinks.
  11. Show's how little I know - from Tom Sharpe's FB page: Hello Friends! Many of you have been asking where I will be this year, and some of you are already aware that 2015 has brought a change. The time has come for me to move on from Dennis DeYoung and the music of Styx. I know at times in order for new doors to open, old ones need to close. I will of course still be with my band mates in Mannheim Steamroller. I will also be performing my own music live in support of Lifting the World, and I look forward to other opportunities as well. I’m so excited to reach for what is next, and
  12. I remember reading a post that Tom was doing a lot of winter gigs with Mannheim Steamroller - that one wasn't too specific on how long that would be going on. If I were to GUESS, it was for the holiday season, when MS is normally their busiest.
  13. So as the new year hit - I was getting more and more excited to get to see DDY and his band live in Texas. I was even on the "binge" routine of watching the DVD, listening to the CD this week leading up to tonight's concert. Then, yesterday evening, the email came. The concert had been postponed due to illness. A range of emotions hit. First, my wife had not gone an annual "weekend" with her friends this year because it was this weekend. I felt bad she had cancelled her plans just to attend the concert with me, only to have this happen. Next, was (I must confess) a little bit of anger.
  14. but I'm excited all the same - have 2nd row tickets! http://www.dallasnews.com/news/community-news/richardson-lake-highlands/headlines/20150105-founding-member-of-styx-to-perform-at-eisemann.ece
  15. It actually prompted me to listen to the album start to finish (both the US release and the Canadian release) back to back. It has some really good song on it for sure! As a single presentation - it does rank right up there with the Styx albums he mentions in his post!
  16. Below is a note Dennis posted to Facebook yesterday. It was worth the read for sure. Hey everybody, Well today I am on my way to Canada to begin our month long run at Le Capitole in Quebec City. No Anglo musician has ever done this many shows before and I feel honored and fortunate to have this opportunity. Merci beaucoup to everyone in Quebec preparing for the show. I began listening to the100 Years From Now CD to refresh my memory of the French lyrics and to go over This Time Next Year. Driving in my car and singing along I let the whole CD play start to finish, something I haven't don
  17. ok - had a chance to do my song by song write up - here you go: http://jasentx.blogspot.com/2014/12/dennis-deyoung-and-music-of-styx.html
  18. Glen and his friends released a new album with original and Beatles songs. It was self released, with an updated version coming soon on a bigger label. My track by track review is here: http://jasentx.blogspot.com/2014/09/the-weeklings-first-album.html Jay
  19. http://somethingelsereviews.com/2014/11/17/dennis-deyoung-hearing-problem/ If you’ve been jamming out to Dennis DeYoung’s new Styx-tastic concert film (like we have), you’ve probably noticed his yellow ear plugs. That’s not just a function of growing into a late-period rocker. In fact, DeYoung is living with hearing problem that goes back to Styx’s 1979’s multi-platinum release Cornerstone. That album found Styx working for the first time at Pumpkin Studios in Oak Lawn, Illinois. They’d previously recorded four straight studio projects, going back to 1975’s Equinox, at Chicago’s Par
  20. yep - I agree - just thought the quote was interesting
  21. Very good read. One answer that stood out to me was about the die hard fans and "new" music: Let’s face it, everybody knows what the Styx songs sound like and it is my responsibility, in my opinion, to give them that. People say they want new music, but then they don’t go buy it, so it is all bullshit as far as I am concerned. The diehards will buy it and I appreciate them. I tell them when I meet them, “Thanks a lot. Now go away because I can’t have a career based on you.” They don’t want to hear that and they think I am arrogant, but it’s true. We all want to be masters of our own
  22. jtlehman

    Blu-Ray #1

    It is the #1 selling music video in Canada.
  23. jtlehman

    Blu-Ray #1

    This is OUTSTANDING!
  24. FINALLY arrived today in the mail. Quickly converted onto my iPhone and started watching the video while at the gym. A couple of very quick first impressions: I knew that I already loved August in the band - his vocals and guitar are quite spectacular. I had reserved any opinion on Jimmy up to this point. All I can say is WOW. His outro to Desert Moon is awesome, as is his Prelude 12 into to Suite Madame Blue. It was also nice to get to hear Show Me The Way and Don't Let It End again. Took me all the way back to the mid 80s to early 90s. I'll listen through the CD set and watch the
  25. Not sure. From a writing aspect - DDY, Tommy, and JY are given credit. Who owns the rights? Don't know that answer (normal internet searching didn't get me far beyond the original A&M copyright/play-right). Purely speculation on my part - but probably just timing?
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