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  1. After seeing both Dennis and Styx this past 12 months - I wanted to just comment on how I feel today. 1. I am a die-hard Styx fan - love the band in all incarnations. Having said that - at this point, my favorite band members are Tommy, Ricky, and Todd (and Chuck when he shows up). 2. Dennis DeYoung and his band do a better job at most the songs - and I would pay to see them over Styx given the choice. 3. I know Tommy is working on an "Americana" solo album - and am looking forward to that. I would also like to see Shaw Blades do another record. 4. While the concerts cater to the mass audience - new music is something I will always crave. I've heard there is the possibility of a new Dennis DeYoung (hopefully with the band) project. I've heard the current Styx are working on new material (but am not holding my breath). The small world of music as I've come to know it. It all started with Styx - and when Glen came in, I noticed Bob Burger wrote with him. So Glen, Bob Burger, and David Anthony (along with John Merjave) are in a band called The Weeklings. Also - a few times a month - Jimmy L performs with Bob Burger. Maybe Dennis will guest on a Weeklings album? Speaking of The Weeklings - their first label release is out, and they are working on a second album right now. In any case - the bottom line is - I'm not in favor of a Styx reunion, unless it is at the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame (again don't hold your breath). Just some ramblings.... Jay
  2. Your choice of written by / sung by....so long as he is involved in it. Cool list btw!
  3. So I thought I'd go through and pick my favorite DDY songs on the Styx albums out there he is on.....and see what everyone else's are: Wooden Nickel records Styx (aka Styx 1): Best Thing is really the only choice here, but it IS the best song on the album! Styx II: Lady is the obvious choice - and it is my favorite. Earl of Roseland would be my second choice. The Serpent is Rising: The Grove of Eglantine - always thought this was a great song. Man of Miracles: I would choose Unfinished Song, truly a great song, but from the original release? Christopher Mr. Christopher A&M records Equinox: The obvious choice would be Suite Madam Blue, or maybe even Light Up or Lorelie. I like Lonely Child the best. Crystal Ball: Mademoiselle by far and away (in my opinion) The Grand Illusion: Come Sail Away for sure! Pieces of Eight: Probably the title track.....then I'm O.K. Cornerstone: Why Me (that's what I want to know - you know what I mean)! Paradise Theatre: Best of Times - one of my all time favorite songs. Kilroy Was Here: This maybe a cheesy choice - but I loved High Time...I'm probably the only one, though! Edge of the Century: There are 3 songs I love....Back to Chicago, All in a Day's Work, and Show Me The Way. Really, one of my overall favorite Styx CD's CMC International Return to Paradise: (the only live or greatest hits I'm listing) Paradise for sure! Brave New World: Two songs here - While There's Still Time (I have a tape of the original recording from the Sampler), Goodbye Roseland - my alltime favorite Dennis song. Ok - there you have it...my favorites - If you want any details as to what I like about a certain song - I'd be happy to expand. What are your favorites?
  4. My wife and I saw Dennis DeYoung and his band in Richardson, Texas on 4/23/15. This was a "rescheduled" show from one originally scheduled for a Friday night in January. We had 2nd row center stage seats. This was at a performing arts center concert hall - so most of the music we heard that close came from the monitors the musicians were using, and not from the sound system pointed back beyond our seats. For that reason alone - some of the "in song" quips I couldn't hear clearly. Beyond that - this concert was OUTSTANDING. This is the first time I've gotten to see Dennis actually live in over a decade. Oh how I've missed his voice! I got to hear some really great songs too! Mr. Roboto, Desert Moon, Suite Madam Blue, Babe - all the songs you miss! He even snuck in a little bit of "sing for the day" keys during one of the songs (I don't remember which one) - I think that was stuck in there just for we die hard fans! Speaking of die-hard fans. I've always considered myself one - I know all the history - grew up with the band, took sides during the break ups, cried when I heard about John - etc. etc. I felt like I was a Rush fan who happened into the concert last night - talk about some die-hards! In any case - the concert hall was almost full (which I was happy to see for a Thursday night when the weather folks were calling for severe Thunderstorms). The crowd was into the music too! It started right on time at 8pm and they played for 2 solid hours. I wish they could have played for 3!!! Dennis was in Fine voice - and looked great too! He was his usual joking self, all the while being the bandleader he is. I got a kick out of him playing his keys with his right hand, all the while directing himself and the band with his left hand. I truly admire his attention to detail and perfectionism. The band is outstanding. Jimmy is a guitar virtuoso, and his harmony's to Dennis on Desert Moon were awesome. I know he does a lot of gigs in New Jersey when not with this band - I hope to get to see him at one of those too. August can not only play guitar = he can SANG. August is a ROCK STAR. I am glad Dennis was able to get him to join this band, because he brings energy, and vocal/guitar talent that rivals any professional. His chops on the "Tommy" songs (to me) pretty much equalled that of the original. Dave Anthony is "new" to the band on drums - but you certainly couldn't tell! He is a rock drummer, and kept the beat driving throughout. It amazes me just how good he is! Craig Carter is an awesome bass player - doing the calm, cool look while playing yet singing the high harmonies. He may not jump around stage, but he is a key ingredient to this band. One thing I noticed about this band was - there was an air of "having fun" among them all. Being in the second row - I could see all the glances, smiles, nods as they moved around stage, and played off each other. This was refreshing to see, and made the experience all that much more fun. No setlist (I wasn't writing them down - just singing along). Great concert, great music, great crowd! I know I am preaching to the choir - so to speak - here, but DO NOT MISS this concert. Only there will you get to hear about the latest CD that Suzanne purchased, and get to hear Dennis sing a little bit from that CD (Meghan Trainor). I took a few pictures (though I didn't keep my phone out for most of the concert - I was there to enjoy the music). Of course, the guy in front of me recorded every song - so I guess look for his videos on youtube. You might hear me singing on them!!!! LOL. In any case the photos are on my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/jaytlehman/posts/1462966283995149 (not sure if this will come through - if not, my facebook is /jaytlehman) One on Instagram too: https://instagram.com/p/11-VdGR5fd/ and I'll attach a photo here of August: It was a fun night that I wished could have lasted longer, but loved every minute of it! Cheers, Jay
  5. It was a lot of fun - I've posted a review under concert reviews! https://www.ddytalk.com/index.php?showtopic=1928&p=9033
  6. Tonight is the night - 4 hours away - will report back tomorrow!!!
  7. It was fun to listen to - I'd see them if they were playing at my local bar.
  8. His rescheduled Dallas show is this month - so I'll let you know how it is (I'm in the 2nd row center).
  9. This month I will - so I'll let you know. I've heard him play with the Weeklings - and seen him in those videos on youtube. Just a few weeks away now - can't wait!
  10. I agree - it is also nice to see Dennis is embracing social media today. I always enjoyed his interviews - but always wondered how much was "edited" in interviews. When he posts - you get what he thinks.
  11. Show's how little I know - from Tom Sharpe's FB page: Hello Friends! Many of you have been asking where I will be this year, and some of you are already aware that 2015 has brought a change. The time has come for me to move on from Dennis DeYoung and the music of Styx. I know at times in order for new doors to open, old ones need to close. I will of course still be with my band mates in Mannheim Steamroller. I will also be performing my own music live in support of Lifting the World, and I look forward to other opportunities as well. I’m so excited to reach for what is next, and to perform new music. My goal is always to motivate, inspire, lead by example, and be a positive role model - to help others achieve their goals, and show that anything is possible. Stay with me on this journey, and we’ll continue to do it together! As always, thank you so much for your support and kind words! I’m just getting started, friends. The best is yet to come. Blessings, Tom
  12. I remember reading a post that Tom was doing a lot of winter gigs with Mannheim Steamroller - that one wasn't too specific on how long that would be going on. If I were to GUESS, it was for the holiday season, when MS is normally their busiest.
  13. So as the new year hit - I was getting more and more excited to get to see DDY and his band live in Texas. I was even on the "binge" routine of watching the DVD, listening to the CD this week leading up to tonight's concert. Then, yesterday evening, the email came. The concert had been postponed due to illness. A range of emotions hit. First, my wife had not gone an annual "weekend" with her friends this year because it was this weekend. I felt bad she had cancelled her plans just to attend the concert with me, only to have this happen. Next, was (I must confess) a little bit of anger. My excitement turned to true disappointment. Then I had time to sit back and reflect realistically at it. No one ever asks to get sick, and especially the flu. I know how hard it is for me to do MY job when I'm not feeling well, and I'm not the focal point of an audience of thousands watching my every word. So, my anger quickly turned to empathy. Next, I thought about knowing how much of a perfectionist DDY is in presenting his music. NO WAY he would want to present his material unless it was at its best. For that I really respect the decision to post-pone the concert. I am critical of performances that I pay to see, and as much of a fan as I am of DDY - had it been bad, I would have said so. This is going to be my very first concert of his not in Styx - so I'm willing to wait for perfection! So in any case - I'll have to wait until April to see the concert - so tune in then for the concert review..... Cheers, Jay
  14. but I'm excited all the same - have 2nd row tickets! http://www.dallasnews.com/news/community-news/richardson-lake-highlands/headlines/20150105-founding-member-of-styx-to-perform-at-eisemann.ece
  15. It actually prompted me to listen to the album start to finish (both the US release and the Canadian release) back to back. It has some really good song on it for sure! As a single presentation - it does rank right up there with the Styx albums he mentions in his post!
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