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  1. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas & Happy and Healthy New Year!!! Blue Star
  2. Thanks for the answering my questions. BlueStar
  3. Well Ron, I stink too....I got 12 right. OH Well..... =))
  4. I have heard a few different stories over the years in regards to the split of Dennis & Styx. I heard that Dennis left, I heard that the guys forced him out, etc..... I have not yet read Chuck Panozzo's book, so I'm sure he wrote his version of the breakup. I will read it soon. I'm curious to know what you guys on this site know about the breakup. Who's to blame JY, Tommy, Chuck or all of them? Does Dennis keep in touch with any of the guys since the breakup? I understand that JY bad mouths Dennis, so I guess Dennis does not bother with him (and I don't blame him!). It's ashame that after years of great music together, it ended in such a nasty way. ( BlueStar
  5. Well I tried again, and same problem. How long should I pause it? I tried and it didn't help. As far as the right click, it gave me a few options and I didn'nt know which to pick. I had the same problem when I listen to the radio interview last week. It kept pausing and it was so frustrating...... When I bought this computer, the idoits I went to did not even install the program to listen to music cd's (windows media player). Someone at my office download the program to a disc, I brough it home and then I was able to hear music. Too bad they got rid of this guy, he could have helped me. These people who sold me my computer, I will not use them again. Mabey I need to find someone else in my neighborhood who repairs and upgrades computers. Or it's necessary to upgrade to DSL....who knows?
  6. I was just on Dennis' official web site, and I was watching the videotape of his interview. While I was watching, the taping keeps pausing every few seconds. I had this problem with the taping of Dennis at the outdoor concert that one of the fans posted on our site. Is it becuase I have dial-up that I have this problem. What can I do, so I can see this clipping without it stopping ever few seconds? I'm not an expert with computer problems, so if someone can advise me what to do I appreciate it. Thanks!! BlueStar
  7. BlueStar

    Concert Photos

    I do too!! Love to see concert pics, thanks for sharing !! BlueStar
  8. Today I went to CVS to buy an anniversary card for my brother & sister-in law. I went looking at the Hallmark music cards, and noticed that most of the cards are for birthdays. To my surprise I came across a card that said "Mr. Roboto", I opened it and out came the song!!! The back of the card has "Mr. Roboto", writen by Dennis De Young. Too bad I don't have any friends or Family that love Styx like I do, otherwise I would have bought the card. ( I think that Dennis should have a mailing list of all his fans from his website, and mail this card out to each person when their birthdays arrive.... well it's a nice though.... =)) BlueStar
  9. BlueStar


    Thanks !! BS
  10. BlueStar


    On reading the Chuck interview, he said he will be turning 59 this year. When is his birthday? I'm also curious to know the birthdates and ages of JY and Tommy. Since Dennis is 60, I'm guessing that he was the eldest in the group. Am I right? Not this this is important, but I was just curious. Thanks! BlueStar
  11. Oh damn, that was at the time my relatives were here from Italy. I wasn't on the internet for a long time. Oh well...
  12. Thanks for the interview!! I just bought Chuck's book last week (an autographed copy!!!!). Will start reading it soon. BlueStar
  13. BlueStar

    Dennis on TV

    I have e-mailed a suggestion to Dennis throught his web site. When his cd comes out in the Fall, I thought he should work something out with QVC, the shopping network. I have seen Elton John, Barry Manilow, Neil Diamond and other stars selling their new cd's on QVC. They appear via satellite from a theatre or show up at the QVC studio with their bands. It's great publicity!! If other stars can do it, why not Dennis? What do you guys think of this idea? BlueStar
  14. There is also an article about "Hunchback...." in Playbill.com www.playbill.com/news/article/109735.html BlueStar
  15. Hi there, The person who handles Dennis website, sent me a reply to a letter I sent to Dennis. (I sent 2 letters to Dennis). He said that back in June, Dennis performed at BB Kings in New York City. Is this true? First this person told me to watch the website for future tour dates, in case Dennis comes to NY. Now he tells me I just missed him last month. Does anyone recall Dennis performing in NY, besides the show in Long Island? Mabey this guy is confused. Thanks! BlueStar
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