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  1. That's very true. I hadn't thought of that. If you don't mind, I can start a new post with his latest FB post and see what kind of discussion it generates? He's stopped making Podcasts, right? I had been downloading them for my own archive, but haven't seen a new one in quite a while.
  2. Hey guys! Took me a while to get around to opening the email, but glad I did! haha Ron any thoughts on archiving DDY's FB posts here for discussion posts? The comments are usually filled with 'hey i saw you in xxx at xxx' and kinda pointless to look at.
  3. There just doesnt seem to be much going on with either incarnations of the band right now to even discuss what they may be doing. With Dennis just releasing the DVD show last year, itll be awhile until we see something new i imagine. We did seem to have a lot of conversations leading up to the release of that though.
  4. Sadly i have not been able to get to one of his shows recently. I am hoping too over the summer, but college work take up more time than i would like.
  5. I guess he realized how important it is in todays music industry. He obviously wants to stay as relevant as he can, and writing a few paragraphs every once in awhile isnt too difficult.
  6. Borrowed Time 1979 Given the supposed political makeup of our country which purports that about half of us are liberals and half are conservative, stating a preference about nearly anything involving politics would be idiotic for a performer such as myself. No matter what you say half are with ya and half are agin ya. Too many actors and musicians whom I admire artistically take public policy stands that I strongly disagree with. Does this make me like them less, sure a bit although I try and keep an open mind. I have told my kids several times when they feel the need to relive past experien
  7. I would be curious if either of those bands would recognize the influence of Babe. During that time the entire industry was shifting so there were lots of influences for them moving to a ballad sound that gave Dont Stop Believin and I wanna know what love is. But considering Styx was the first in their genre to do it, its clear that Styx directly influenced them. At least with what i see reading rock history and such, so correct me if i'm wrong!
  8. With Lorelei, Dennis has co-writing credts correct? So would that maybe affect the licensing for that song in regards to possibly not needing JY's approval? That being said i doubt JY or Tommy would deny rights, it wouldn't help them in any way, and by giving the rights are going to be earning some compensation.
  9. Part of me is really hoping that for his next album he goes a different direction. I almost feel like if he again tries to go back to a more progressive/styx style its going to draw comparisons to this album, and increase the chance for disappointment from fans if it doesnt live up to standards he set by 100 years.
  10. Sadly i still have not had the opportunity to watch the performance. I've got to listen to the CD's while studying, but i probably wont get time to watch until late December/January, so im going to be rather late with my thoughts on it, sadly.
  11. I didn't know something like that could happen. Does anyone know if Dennis has Perfect or Relative pitch? I'm guessing he at least has relative, but i wonder if the shock to his ears messed that up for awhile too. Which, i imagine, if so could really cause issues in a concert.
  12. I always found the song to be a little strange, with the Desert Moon lyric, but put into context it makes a lot more sense.
  13. B. Miller

    Blu-Ray #1

    Can anyone find how the album is doing/if it made it onto the charts? I cant stand the billboard website, i couldnt even find the Blu-Ray charting
  14. I usually try to keep up with both bands, but i havent heard of anything coming up in the near future. So maybe its not something thats finalized yet.
  15. http://ultimateclassicrock.com/dennis-deyoung-interview-2014/?utm_source=sailthru&utm_medium=referral I think this is a really good article. I found a lot of the comments that he makes to be more in depth than his usual answers to the questions. Especially his comments about how he focus on melody, i never heard that in one of his interview before that i can remember, and myself being someone who is going for a degree in music and engineering appreciated it, because i really like melody. His comments on the music industry are also newish and as usual i enjoy what he has to say.
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