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  1. Hahaha, Ron. I thought I might hear that from you. I was going to post here and there and then, well, life got in the way. I KNOW the folks here appreciate anything and everything DDY. Those MR people need to hear how good his show is vs, well, that touring Styx show. That said, I think both shows have something to offer fans, and for those who like it, go see them both. Dennis certainly gives one a far more well-rounded look at Styx music and his immense contribution to it. Plus, as we also know, you can get three types of DDY shows vs only one for the touring band. As I said
  2. I have really gotten behind on things. I meant to post this review here as well. I did post it on Melodic Rock and then, well, things got busy. I wasn't sure if I would be able to get to this show but I am SO glad I made the drive over to see it. I really was determined to see this lineup with Tom, Jimmy, August and Craig as the new additions. The place looked pretty full, and one of Dennis' people said the venue was about 80-85% sold out. Not bad for a foray into Texas where he is not well known at all outside of Styx. Here is what I posted on MR.com. with a few tweaks: If
  3. I so agree, Ron. My last anything DDY-related was seeing "Hunchback" in Chicago. It was a blast of a trip and, in addition, I got a nice visit with everyone, and with Charles Lofrano. He was such a sweet guy and I still miss him, even though our contact was limited. The music in DDY's "Hunchback" is as good as ANYTHING ever to be on Broadway. I have never come off of that assessment and I have seen/heard a lot of it.
  4. -- Nice video. Exellent quality and a nice summary of a DDY show. (My browser is Firefox) -- I guess, thanks to seeing photos and videos of August, I always thought he resembled Robin Zander of Cheap Trick. I don't think he looks anything like Tommy Shaw. If you really look at him, though, he looks like .... August Zadra. So there! --I have seen Jimmy in person before he joined up with DDY and so, I never saw much resemblance to JY. I guess for both guys, there is the long blonde hair. That's about it. --I think there are so many more outlets for discussion etc., between Facebook and
  5. ladybugking


    Wasn't there a photo of them with Reagan? Seems I remember one, but have no idea when/where I saw it. Dennis was in it, as I recall. But I also may be mixing it up with the one of them at the stock exchange. That's what old age will do to ya! Ron, I sure hope a new DVD of the acoustic show will happen. I know there is a long process between the talk and the actual product, but I remember the long discussions that took place about the Soundstage show and, sure enough, it materialized and was quite wonderful. What I hope they are trying to re-create on DVD is the uniqueness of that
  6. Thanks, Boom. I am hoping I can get to this show in Stafford, especially since I asked them more than once if they were coming to Texas. It really would be great to hear the lineup he has now and I would love to talk to them, if possible. My last DDY show was way too long ago, even though I have seen him in some great settings.
  7. ladybugking


    For the first time in MANY years (2000?), Dennis will be playing a couple of Texas dates. They are a ways off and who knows what may change, but, for now, he is scheduled for the Stafford Center (near Houston) and a venue in Dallas. I fully plan to attend the Stafford Center one if all goes well for me to do so. It is a bit of a drive, but not bad. I think I recall, in my many queries to Tim (and Dennis) about possibly coming to Texas -- both polite, but a bit, uh, evasive -- Tim did mention the Stafford Center as a possibility.
  8. I gotta add to this remembering the first time I heard Dennis' solo demo of Hunchback and how blown away I was by the incredible music he wrote and how amazingly he sang it. His voice, to me, has never shown greater range. Dawn-Marie was such a wonderful partner on this recording as well. It is too bad it did not get a big production, but so many factors worked against it. He is in good company regarding this. Getting something from working production to full-blown Broadway experience is a huge undertaking and many, many worthy productions never see the light of day. (Or the lights of
  9. Hope Goldmine will post it someday. The one he did a few years ago is on there, so maybe so. Thanks for the cover photo jpeg, Ron. Uhmmm....I might have gone with something different re the cover, but that is just me.
  10. Well, they could not very well mention his "singing" as bringing anything to the table. Oh, and Japan TV video? Anyone seen it? Dennis leaps from the stage to the top of the piano and back to center stage. Just sayin'....
  11. Really? Oh wow. If it is sort an addendum/remake Part 2, we know for sure it will scald Dennis even more and probably present the current band in a bright light of positivity. Ugh! I am on Twitter, but doubt I want to deal with this, Ron. I kinda stick to the feed I have, which seems to suck up way more time than I should allow.
  12. What it seems to boil down to is the current band can do/say anything they want, including changing the history pretty much regularly. Unfortunately, Dennis seems to be powerless to fight this revisionist history. Just more layers of crap laid on by the current lineup in general and JY in particular.
  13. I didn't know about this connection to JY, Boom. I think Not Dead was included to quash those persistent characterizations that Dennis was "too Broadway" and "could not rock." That song, and how he sang it, I think dropped a bucket of bricks on that stupid idea. Many people forget that DDY has one of the strongest rock voices in the business, then and now. He also has a versatile voice. Big, effing deal. The guy is a Master Class in singing, all forms.
  14. Both camps hated this when it reached its final, heavily-edited-to-create-a-villain-(Dennis), made its way to VH1. I have read/heard that some footage was left out of the original and that may be the "remastered" part of this. I really doubt if anyone contributed new interviews, but VH1 might slot in new footage of Touring Styx to update it a bit. The Journey BTM was originally 1 1/2 hours and was shown maybe only once in that length, then further airings were 1 hour. I would like to see that one again, but I think that band feels the same way that Styx does about their program. Tri
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