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  1. So true that Tommy and JY chose money over Dennis. And this trend that they're re-recording the Styx catalog bit by bit really makes me sick. It's not like what Dennis did, which was release a live album with all of the hits performed...No, these are studio re-recordings designed (in my opinion) to cut Dennis out of some of the proceeds from the sale of these crappy remakes (and besides, how many live albums has Styx released since 1999?)... Dennis has made it clear that he would re-join the band if it was offered, and if that is what he wants, I can't wish against it. For my tastes th
  2. A new Styx DVD? Is it a classic Styx release (with Dennis) or another (yawn) re-imagination of their past work?
  3. Boy does Dennis know us, huh? I always love to hear his opinions and perspective. Thanks Ron!
  4. If I hit the lottery or become independently wealthy, I'll hire Dennis and company to do a Kilroy show and invite just us board members. And Ron, you pick the deep cuts. Now I want to know the setlist from this Kilroy gig...
  5. Does anyone know what this concert scheduled for this Friday is? I mean, obviously it's a "Kilroy" show of some kind...But how far does it go? Playing the album in its entirely? Showing the film? Dusting off the costumes? The entry on Dennis's site reads: "PRIVATE - DENNIS DEYOUNG AND THE MUSIC OF STYX - FEATURING SPECIAL KILROY SHOW"
  6. From Dennis's website: http://www.dennisdeyoung.com/tour/details.asp?id=402
  7. From Dennis's website: http://www.dennisdeyoung.com/tour/details.asp?id=402
  8. Ron, The Running Man is brilliant, and also features one of my favorite game show hosts, Richard Dawson. What you pointed out about Kilroy being discussed prior to MTV only underscores how correct Dennis was at the time in saying that Styx needed to take another step forward, even without the MTV venue being on the table at that point in time.
  9. Here's a little nugget from the glory days of MTV about Kilroy going Broadway... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mr-AKL_R_5E I like Kilroy a lot, but then I like pretty much anything Dennis writes. I remember he said that his first draft of Kilroy was much more autobiographical than the finished product, and that there was a lot that had to be cut to make it fit on the stage within the confines of a standard concert. He has also publicly expressed regret that he pulled the band into the project when not everyone was on board. But was it the right move at the time? I think so.
  10. I found these comments from Lawrence Gowan quite interesting. February 2012 (http://swtimes.com/sections/features/styx-stacks-hits.html) "I would like doing a tour that would pair 'Paradise Theater' with, maybe, 'Crystal Ball,' although you'd be hard pressed to get JY or Tommy to do 'Mr. Roboto,'" he said with a laugh. "I actually like 'Mr. Roboto' and the album it came from, 'Kilroy Was Here.' "But Styx has to live with the personal baggage they went through in that time of the band's career," added Gowan, referring to the early 1980s feuds between DeYoung and other members of Styx r
  11. I can’t support post-Dennis “Styx,” because of the way JY and Tommy lied to the fanbase at the beginning of the split (“there’s always an open mic for Dennis…”), and then “erased” him from the band’s history. When Dennis asks, “Why would Styx not be any good just because I’m not there?” I have to admire both his self-deprecation and his kindness. He’s a better man than I, and he was the one who got burned in all of this. Dennis has put together a band that to me IS Styx in all but name. I don’t need the negativity from the other guys, and anytime I think of current “Styx” all I get i
  12. Boomchild is spot-on. "Crystal Ball" and "Edge of the Century" 's title tracks were courtesy of the respective new guy in the band. Glen even said at the time that here he was joining this mega-band and they wanted him to contribute and not "stand in the corner and play rhythm guitar." Beyond generous in my opinion.
  13. From the article: "One version of Styx, seen only on a charity telethon, actually had both DeYoung and Gowan on stage together." Ummmm...No.
  14. Here are the lyrics to the end of "Borrowed Time." The "shouted-out" street names are where the members were living in 1979. 'Cause we're Livin' high Livin' fine (You know I'm livin' fine) Livin' high (Yes I'm livin' high) On borrowed time (On borrowed time) Livin' high (Whoohoo!) Livin' fine (Ahhh!) Livin' high On Lake Shore Drive (Midnight ride) Livin' high (We're livin' high) On Leslie Lane (Let's go back and play it again!) Livin' high (We're livin' high) On Red Bud Trail (On Red Bud, Red Bud Trail!) Livin' high On Central Drive (He's on Central Drive!) Livin' high (W
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