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  1. I'm kind of surprised that this wasn't mentioned here. But back in early April on his Facebook page, Dennis mentioned that Universal Records, who I guess is in control of the classic Styx albums now, is going to be reissuing All of the A&M Styx albums from Equinox-Caught in the Act on vinyl. The set is expected to be launched on May 12th according to this one website, which I'll post the link. No word on why Edge was left out. They will be released both in a box set as well as individually. I'm sure Best Buy will be a place to go to find them, but so far nothing has been said for that either. Here is that link: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/styx-the-am-albums-1975-1984-eight-album-vinyl-box-set-collection-slated-for-release-by-universal-music-enterprises-may-12-300060050.html He took it off for some reason, but when he posted this, I think it was an interview and in said interview he said that he was also in the early stages for a new album of his own.
  2. Is this written by or sang by Dennis? Styx: Best Thing Styx II: You Need Love The Serpent is Rising: Jonas Psalter Man of Miracles: Unfinished Song Equinox: Born for Adventure - First song to prove naysayers wrong about Dennis being able to rock or not! Crystal Ball: either Jennifer or Ballerina The Grand Illusion: Castle Walls Pieces of Eight: Queen of Spades - Second song to prove the naysayers wrong about Dennis not being able to rock out! Cornerstone: Borrowed Time Paradise Theater: Best of Times Kilroy was Here: Mr. Roboto, with High Time being second. Until I saw it's music video, I had no clue how Don't Let it End would fit into the story of the album. Caught in the Act: Music Time - A little curve ball here as it's the only "new" song on the CD version of this album, although the music video was included on the 2007 DVD release. Edge of the Century: Show Me the Way, followed closely by Carrie Ann. Greatest Hits: Lady '95 - This might be a little blasphemous, but I think this version of Lady completely trumps the original. Brave New World: High Crimes and Misdemeanors, with Fallen Angel close behind.
  3. I think it would be interesting if he could find a guitarist that could do JY's Styx songs and add that third layer to his concerts.
  4. I would like to see him do another album in the style of Styx too, and with his band lineup the way it is, it could be really good. As for which is better? I think there are a few differences other than the title song being a duet in the Candian version and not in the US release. Also, there is that one song on the Candian release was traded for two on the US release. Those are Respect Me on the Can. release vs. Private Jones and There was a Time on the American. The last one is the order of the songs on them. Candian release: 1. One hundred Years from Now 2. This Time Next Year 3. Rain 4. Save Me 5. Breathe Again 6. Crossing the Rubicon 7. Respect me 8. I Believe in You 9. Forgiveness 10. I Don't Believe in Anything 11. Turn of CNN US release: 1. One Hundred Years from Now 2. This Time Next Year 3. Rain 4. Crossing the Rubicon 5. Save Me 6. I Don't Believe in Anything 7. Private Jones 8. I Believe in You. 9. There was a time 10. Breathe Again 11. Forgiveness 12. Turn Off CNN Private Jones is incredible and a great rocking song. I don't know if i've every listened to There was a Time but once or twice and since I live in America, I haven't had a chance to hear Respect Me yet.
  5. First I would like to say that I'm happy to see this site back. I had started to wonder what was going on with it. Second is this release separate or altogether?
  6. I'm probably alone in thinking this, but I think that Kilroy was Here is an absolute master piece. The story is so good, even with the offerings from the lip-biting Tommy Shaw and JY (they never really gave much information on how John and Chuck felt about how the band was going at the time, that I've seen) but every song plays out it's roll in the album and it makes it easier to understand if you rearrange the songs on it. On my MP3 player I can do that very easily. Looking at the liner notes gives a big clue on what would go where if you were to rearrange them. I think it helps make the story flow better doing this (yes I over think things a lot, lol). But here is how I think the story flows better: Heavy Metal Poisoning - As in the liner notes, it starts by explaining Dr. Righteous' point of view on the evils of rock music and how they want to erase it from people by "twisting their minds". Double Life - I think this comes next in light of Kilroy being accused of murder of the Righteous supporter, I also think this is where Kilroy is actually captured. Don't Let it End - All of my thoughts on this comes from seeing the music video of it on the Caught in the Act DVD released in 2007. It is about Kilroy spending his life behind bars hoping that his love outside will forgive his mistakes. It takes place in Kilroy's cell and in the eating area (minus the tables) of the prison. Cold War - This is Jonathon gaining up the courage to start his underground movement to free Kilroy and have him join in the fight. Just Get Through this Night - I say this is next because of the whispering in the very early parts of the song between Jonathan and Kilroy, and I believe it is their way of Chance jamming the airwaves to get Kilroy to realize that there ARE people that still care about Rock and other freedoms of expression that the MMM is challenging. HIgh Time - This is Kilroy gaining the confidence to try and free himself from the prison, realizing that the answer to escape was in the prison the whole time....the Roboto guards. Mr. Roboto - To me this song carries two things that carry the story. This is Kilroy, not only carrying out his escape from prison, but also it's all of the thoughts running through Kilroy's mind as he is going through with this plan. Trying to work out how he is going to explain to people, namely Jonathan, who he really is, and why he is doing this. Haven't We Been Here Before - Since Kilroy meets up with Jonathan in Mr. Roboto, that makes so much sense that this goes next since both Tommy and Dennis sing on it. Every other song up through Mr. Roboto is from one persons prespective, but HWBHB has two prespectives, both Kilroy and Jonathan. Don't Let it End (Reprise) - Since Jonathan is the rebel leader it only makes sense that he takes lead in the charge to "Keep rock and roll alive!". Plus I think it is amazing how Dennis (and the rest of Styx) correctly predicted a lot with this album. "The Problem's plain to see, too much technology. Machines to save our lives, machines dehumanize" and every day some where in the world, and here in the United States, we are still having freedoms of expression challenged and taken from us. So that is why I think Kilroy was Here is a master piece. Again, I probably over think things, but it keeps me sane and it makes my mind work. The current Styx doing Just Get Through this Night is cool, like I said, but it still really doesn't change how I feel about how they decided to move on without Dennis.
  7. As most of you know, the current version of Styx has made it their mission to avoid anything from Kilroy was Here as possible in their shows. Well that didn't stop them in Columbus, OH, in this video. For those that use Chrome and can't see it, the video is called Crystal Ball Performed by STYX at 2013 Ohio State Fair, July 28, 2013 Notice at the very beginning of the video. It really doesn't change any opinion I have but at least it is one step in a better direction.
  8. ^ With what you said about Gowan doing his solo work in Styx. There are songs that the current version of Styx has put out that I do like. There were a couple new songs on the CYO show that I thought were very good. They were Just Be and Everything All the Time. The co-written song between Styx and REO Can't Stop Rockin' was good. If they would do that more and would focus on bringing new material out I would like them more than I do. But even if a new album were to come out, this wouldn't change very much if at all.
  9. Dennis sure made his mark on Styx, that is for sure. But I think it's funny how the mindless puppets who drink the lemon aid Tommy and JY put out at their shows, and on their Facebook page, just completely dismiss that Dennis had the biggest impression on Styx. No, he didn't do it by himself, but the big songs that made them a household name, were Dennis'. In the late 90's when the flood gates opened from Cartman singing Come Sail Away, every song used has been Dennis' with the exception of Blue Collar Man in Adam Sandler's movie Big Daddy, but even there, most are DDY songs. These mindless puppets think it was mainly Tommy and JY who drove the band forward. I'm like really? If you just take into consideration of the hits that made it to the radio or to comp. albums neither Tommy nor JY have that many hits on them. J.Y. had Miss America and really that's it. Tommy's can be counted on one hand, the rest were Dennis songs. Speaking of Adam Sandler, is he really that big of a Styx fan or did he just do that for that one movie?
  10. I just wonder if anyone else thinks this is strange or weird. It's pretty obvious that I am a fan of Dennis' work in Styx as well as some post-Styx...both times. Come Sail Away was the first Styx song I had ever heard. But I still like Styx too, but I tend to like the concerts where they DON'T play very many Dennis songs, like CYO, where they only played Lorelei and a couple of snippets of some DDY songs in the Medley. I know this is not likely too happen, but if they were to do more like that and come out with new material (which is what started this conversation on the Styx Facebook page), then I would be much more friendly to the idea of Dennis not being in Styx and would proudly support both. I loved the Styx version of Gowan's A Criminal Mind, especially in the CYO show (for those that wonder that is the kid orchestra and chorus in Cleveland, OH. Styx played with them in 2006) and a couple of songs that he did on Cyclorama were pretty good, like Fields of the Brave and More Love for the Money.
  11. A few days ago someone posted a link on the Styx facebook page to a reviewer site that was reviewing a recent conecrt Dennis did in Nashville. I was reading through the comments and a couple of them caught my eye and I thought I would bring them here and give us something new to chew on for a little bit. To set up the scene here is the first one: From a guy named Ed Merritt: DeYoung is such an egomaniac Some named Eric Chenault responed: Well the replacement DeYoung that Styx has now looks like a cocky arrogant egomanic too. He's creepy. These next two are the ones I'm talking about, the second one more so though. David Rathbun If you think that you don't know anything about Tommy Shaw or James Young. I have met James Yong and he truly beliieves he is a guitar god. No one would even know who these two guys are if it wasn't for DeYoung driving force in Styx. They are touring on the music that DeYoung wrote, produced and arranged. Tommy Shaw is not even an original member of Styx. I heard rumors that Chuck Panozzo even wanted the guys to consider getting DeYoung back in the band before any one else passes on and they are lost forever. It is a F'ing crime what Young and Shaw got away with in taking that band name from DeYoung. They should actually be the two members having to tour as the Music of Styx. DeYoung put out a great solo album called 100 years from now that sounds more like Classic Styx than what Young and Shaw are shoveling out on stage on a nightly basis. Eric Peyton Christian Smith David Rathbun Hate to tell you this David, but you are actually wrong on two fronts. First off, Panozzo wants NOTHING to do with DeYoung because of how Dennis wrote him off after learning he was HIV positive. Basically, he told Chuck that he was no longer a member of the band. In fact, they were never all that close. Secondly, Shaw and DeYoung have spoken a few times in the past 3 or 4 years and have actually been able to put their differences behind them. James Young has always been an a-hole, so I wont even comment on that. Has anyone EVER heard of Dennis saying anything like this to or about Chuck? And the thing about Dennis and Tommy being able to put the past behind them? It's on http://ultimateclassicrock.com/dennis-deyoung-2013-concert-review/ if you want to read it for yourself or the review itself.
  12. ^ Your video didn't show up for me (I use Google Chrome), but found it on Youtube and I thought it was a very solid performance of it, and have been really hoping to hear this from Dennis' band at some point just to make a comparison to how the current Styx performs it and to be quite honest, this was better, I still perfer the original overall though.
  13. Did anyone happen to notice that on future tour dates, that Dennis will appear with Night Ranger and REO Speedwagon? He really seems to be coming around now. One thing that made me want to post this was from the Styx Facebook page, was that Tommy Shaw has a notion for showing up on some of Night Ranger's shows and perform with them, what an interesting situation it would make that even though they wouldn't be on the stage at the same time, I'm sure on more than one occasion Tommy and Dennis would make eye contact with each other. That would be a concert I would want to go to, just to see what would happen if these two would be there at the same time. Of course I know it's not likely that Shaw would show up during this one or two particular shows, but I just think it would be very interesting. Now obviously I ain't holding my breath for anything to come out of it besides they would be in the same venue at the same time, a first since the CMN show way back in 1999, but at least it would be a start and see what conversations would arise from it. For those wondering, the dates are: Friday, May 10, 2013 THEATRE AT WESTBURY, NY - DENNIS DEYOUNG:THE MUSIC OF STYX AND NIGHT RANGER Westbury, NY Thursday, July 25, 2013 BELLEVILLE, CANADA - DENNIS DEYOUNG:THE MUSIC OF STYX AND REO AND NIGHT RANGER Belleville, Ontario Canada and Saturday, July 27, 2013 MATTAWA, ONTARIO - DENNIS DEYOUNG:THE MUSIC OF STYX AND NIGHT RANGER WITH GREAT WHITE Mattawa, Ontario Canada Of course it's all for not if it just happens to be a tribute band for Night Ranger, but I would think that would be listed as well. Has anyone else seen this, has Dennis toured with other acts before?
  14. I don't think I have ever blamed Lawrence, how can you? He is just the one they chose to take Dennis' place, if they chose anyone else I don't think the conversation would be any different except with the person in question. As I have said many times, I don't mind the songs that Gowan has brought to Styx. I think they made his solo song A Criminal Mind theirs, that is great. Fields of the Brave and More Love for the Money are great as well. This is where it gets screwy for me. While I don't like what they did and are doing to Dennis and will never spend my money on them anymore, my being a Styx fan makes me still like the work that they do. The CYO show was very good, I liked it better because there aren't any DeYoung songs in it beyond Lorelei and a few in the medley. I have the Styx cd of the Arch Allies and that cover of Grand Illusion was pretty damn good, but none compare to the Return to Paradise concert, lol.
  15. When the replacing of Dennis first happened was it ever actually intended to be temporary or did they know from the start this was going to be a 'permanent'? I know that at first the band was telling some lies to fans that Dennis would always be welcomed back. Here is what I think they should have done, and if they were any kind of band mates this would have happened: Dennis is severely ill and doesn't feel up to touring at the moment. Make an arrangement with him that until he is better, they (Styx) goes on tour with someone plugged into his spot and once he did get better, pick him up and resume. We know that never happened though, nor will it, nor do I want it....What I want is for them to stop making these kind of responses that Dennis was never happy in Styx, or that he can't rock, or that he doesn't like to tour, stop trying to erase Dennis' contributions or giving him credit for songs that he wrote, which is why they didn't list the songs during the credits of the Grand Illusion/Pieces of Eight show.....it was on VH-1 Classic a few weeks ago. Which is good because now, I don't have to waste my money on it. Ever since I started really learning about what really happened in Styx, I've had these thoughts swimming around my mind.
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