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  1. Mark

    Tampa 2/25/12

    I am wondering this as well. My daughter love Hunchback. We will be going to the concert in Dallas in October. Mark
  2. Mark


    Yes, the Dallas show is a symphony concert. Oct. 12th, one day after the Houston show. I'm with you Kathy. We've waited a L O N G time for Dennis to make it down to the great state of Texas. Mark
  3. Mark

    Tampa 2/25/12

    I am wondering if Dennis is currently performing anything from Hunchback on his orchestra shows. Anyone?
  4. You have to get thru the first half of the podcast before you hear the interview with Dennis. Mark
  5. From your picture I would say you're looking at the entire BLACK family.
  6. Okay, maybe I'm reading way too much into the latest video clips of Dennis' appearances but when was the last time he actually played KEYBOARDS? We all agree that Dennis has an amazing singing voice but I need Dennis there behind the keyboards. Is Dennis having problems with his hands? I am NOT trying to start any rumors here but I guess I am guilty of speculation. The last clip of Suite Madame Blue I saw online had me wincing. I mean, you expect a certain level of playing on a song that we all have memorized and then you hear a very disappointing substitute version of the keyboard part. (No
  7. "...as I nudge my way to the hat-and-walker tour of rock-and-roll history." Okay, I can picture the walker but what about the hat? The hat is crucial, let's discuss... Mark
  8. Thank you Shawn for finding this site and THANK YOU Kathy for posting it! Mark
  9. Hope you wake up soon....
  10. Hey Ron, It's all good. I respect everyone's personal choice of who they voted for and your "vote for Hal" message was totally fine. I have always felt free to express my opinion here and I still do. Thank you for that. I definately can appreciate why many Dennis fans would want to vote for Hal. Not a problem for me at all. As you mentioned it would have been good for Dennis if Hal had gone all the way. Celebrity Duets was fun while it lasted but after all it's just a TV show and I don't want to lose any forum friends over it. Thanks. Mark
  11. Tiresias, you are more than welcome. You know, it makes MY day that I was able to see Dennis on NATIONAL television! It will be fun to go back and revisit these videos. Ron, I'll go on record here and disagree with you on voting for Hal. In my opinion, trying to be objective here, Alfonso was the clearly the best singer and I'm glad he wound up winning it all. If we were voting for our favorite singing star that would be a no brainer! On another note, the duet show made me appreciate how lucky we are to have Dennis at the top of his game after all these years. I would
  12. 423 downloads

    Dennis DeYoung and Hal Sparks perform Lady on Celebrity Duets 9-28-2006
  13. The Celebrity Duet Videos are UP! Videos Mark
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