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  1. It was great seeing you too. Been too long. Was very happy to meet Geof too. Am so happy for both of you...As for the concert--Holy Crap!!! (lol) You said it all...awesome show and yes Dennis was in fine form. My ears are still buzzing!!!
  2. Anyone else been having the same problem accessing the Dennis DeYoung website? I have been trying for days as I need to click on a link to purchase tickets for Thursday's show in Sherbrooke Quebec.
  3. Well I thought it was not that good. First off to hear them play a couple of the same songs that Dennis did 2 years ago annoyed me. Copycat is the correct term to use. But what bothered me the most was how Global covered the broadcast. Cutting for commercials before the end of songs or still talking as one of the songs already started. At least we did not see that when Dennis performed there. I think there should be a tour where Dennis is the headliner and Styx is the opening act and we have some kind of a showdown. Dennis would win hands down. Anyways as far as for me Styx today is a
  4. For those of you that missed it the first time A&E will be rebroadcasting Dennis Deyoung on Private Sessions next week, November 1st at 9am EST. Yes, EST as don't forget that the clocks go back 1 hour next weekend....
  5. By the way folks, in case I missed something the home page of DDY talk says that Dennis will be singing his new single one THOUSAND years from now on Private Sessions...Typo or did I miss something??
  6. You have something for me??? Lucky me...nudge nudge...email me at the office and will organize something soon...
  7. Well Amanda you know me...I will be recording it. PVR was already set last week
  8. For those that missed the Bonnie Hunt Show I have uploaded DDY's performance in the download section. Enjoy!!!
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    For those of you that missed it I have uploaded DDY's appearance on the Bonnie Hunt Show. Enjoy!
  10. I too do not watch Supernatural however my wife and daughter do. I happened to catch the first couple of minutes and caught the part where they introduced themselves as Agents De Young and Shaw. I never knew that they used rock star aliases and thought it was funny they used those names. It was only later I heard that they use the aliases. I love it whenever references of Styx and DDY are made on various shows. By the way, my wife and daughter told me that Supernatural actually used a STYX song on one of their other episodes. Renegade.
  11. Well I too cannot wait to hear about the show. I hope that you did not miss me since I was not able to go with you. Perhaps you can email me later with some details like who sang 100 years from now.... Later,
  12. Yes. You got it right I had a great day :) Merci Beaucoup!!
  13. Thanks very much for the Birthday wishes. I really appreciate it.. Amanda, am I still your favorite go to DDY concerts guy even though I cannot make it to his concert this Sunday night?
  14. I wanted to take this opportunity to wish Amanda (mtlfan) a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY today. I truly hope that you have a terrific day.
  15. Well today marks the 1 year anniversary of the release of One Years From Now here in Canada and I still cannot get enough of the CD. To me it's one of those CD's that is so great to listen to whenever you need a lift. The only thing though after 1 year is that I am still miffed that the record company did nothing to continue to push the CD with another single or 2. It's a shame because I strongly feel that if they had done that even greater things would have come about it. There are truly other songs besides One Hundred Years that might have pushed the CD to greater heights. Now the big q
  16. Well now we are going to have to get together real soon so that I can see it. Can't wait.
  17. Put the petal to the metal and made it home in 15 minutes. Did nothing else but convert the video and uploaded it right away because, like I told you, if I did not do it right away you would have to wait until July at the earliest. And Ron, it's not a joke, Montrealers do drive FAST....
  18. Hi all, I was able to meet up with Amanda today (mtlfan) to have lunch, catch up and get the video cassette that she had of the interview with Dennis during the New Years Eve show at Niagara Falls. I have converted it and uploaded it for your viewing pleasure. Follow the link to download it: http://forums.ddytalk.com/index.php?autoco...amp;showfile=41 Enjoy Thanks Amanda
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    Hi all, Thanks to Amanda (Mtlfan) I was able to convert her video that she had of the DDY interview from his New Years Eve'07 Niagara Falls Concert. She had recorded the show and I was finally able to meet her for lunch so that she can give me the video cassette. It's short but fun to watch. Enjoy!
  20. I did a search on the show and found this: Critic for a Day What happens when you cross Martin Scorsese with The Rolling Stones? The new IMAX concert movie "Shine a Light." We review it with our Critic for a Day, legendary Chicago rocker Dennis DeYoung of Styx. I missed the show ( If anyone caught it I would appreciate to hear all about it.
  21. markir

    Ron on XM Radio


    Hey all. For those of you that did not get the chance to listen to XM the other day when Ron was on I have uploaded the entire show for you. Enjoy.
  22. I am so glad that you cleared that up Ron. I would of hated to have missed it. 9am is even better for me as I am on vacation and will be able to listen and record it on my XM Radio.
  23. I have XM satellite radio and am looking forward to listening to the show on Tuesday evening. Might I expect a STYX song or 2 on that list??? Don't answer that :-? I would rather be surprised. Thanks for the heads up and looking forward to it.
  24. markir

    Happy Birthday

    Happy 61st Birthday Dennis
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