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  1. Does anyone have a copy of the Jimmy Kimmel shoe back in 04/05 with DDY on it?
  2. Spoiler alert. Don't read if you want to be surprised at the next show Scroll down Spoiler begins here: As it has been posted before, DDY has almost a whole new band Jimmy and August rock together. and August sounds just like Tommy Shaw. Tonight in addition to Blue Coller Man and Renegade, they also did Too Much Time On My Hands. The place went wild for all 3 of these songs. If you have Dennis before, you MUST go again.
  3. wishiwas


    I tend to think the set list is not set in stone. I have been to many shows where Castle Walls was dropped and Pieces of Eight were added or both mixed into the set. I was blown away in Atlantic City to hear Rain live. The set lists we saw over the past couple of gigs did not have any 100yfn material on them. Heck, even Desert Moon is missing! I am sure that will all change. Also remember, Suzannes sister used to be part of the band, and John is not the first keyboard player. Busch Gardens set list as posted by Scott Grand Illusion Lady Lorelei Don't Let It End Light Up Blue Collar Man * Desert Moon Suite Madame Blue Mr. Roboto Rockin' the Paradise Babe Renegade * Best of Times/AD 1958/And in the End (Beatles) Come Sail Away
  4. Thanks for the quick update I am glad to see DDY has picked up on a couple more Styx songs. Did August Zadra sing the Tommy Shaw parts in those songs?
  5. Kyle was a really a nice guy. Last year while my friends and I were going to see DDY's play, Kyle got us tickets to see Jersey Boys for free! After the show he came out and we all took a picture together and had dinner. On another date, before a DDY show at Sea World, Kyle went on a rollercoaster with us. I cant pretend to know Kyle as a personal friend, but every time we saw him at one of Dennis's shows, he always took at least a moment to say hi. We will miss you Kyle.
  6. I am so glad to finally get a few of the "rock band" only songs recorded from this show. Believe me, I love the orchestra recording, but I have always wanted a DDY live with the rock band. I love the extended Desert Moon!
  7. Ron, I have it in HD if you want. Drop me a personal email.
  8. Use a iPhone with iTunes as well as a Microsoft Zune with Zune software. How did your software handle DDY's new album? Did it find the artwork and song titles? Also if you had the Canadian version, did it get confused? I know mine did. I had to rename tons of info about the Canadian version, then I ripped the US version and let the software handle the rest. I dont like to use the orignal cds. I put those right away. I kind of wish Dennis named the US release the orignal title of the cd "Crossing the Rubicon" This would have made it easier for mp3 player purposes. I am off to see DDY this weekend in Atlantic City, then at the end of the month in my home state of New Hampshire!
  9. Doma for posting that link Ron. That kid is funny. I hate to see what he would do if he heard the whole song! LOL
  10. I found the following on the net today. I am still looking into details of where the show is, but its Florida on January 29th. If anyone elce gets more details, please let us know. The following was found at: http://www.pgamerchandiseshow.com/images/f...ons_Release.pdf Released to the general public yesterday. On the eve of the Show opening, Jan. 28, The PGA of America and the Association of Golf Merchandisers will host the 3rd Annual Product Preview & Buyers' Reception featuring a product preview by AGM vendor partners and a complimentary concert by Dennis DeYoung formerly of Styx (presented by Elations).
  11. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Tom Sharpe (DDY's drummer) has been drumming for Mannheim Steamroller. I got to catch up with Tom in Lowell, Ma this week at the show. It was really cool. If you have never seen Mannheim before, you have got to hear these guys. Some of the songs were so dead on to the album is was incredible. Tom did a great job playing drums and other little instruments. At one point in the show, there a screen lowered in front of the band, and diffrent movies are shown, while in the background the band appear almost in 3D. I am really glad I went, I wish I had seen Mannheim before. Tom being with the east coast band made it that much more special to see them. If you go and your a DDY fan, say hi to Tom.
  12. I just wanted to let everyone know Tom Shape is drumming for Mannheim Steamroller this holiday season. He isnt playing at every date, so if your interested if he will be at your show, drop me a line and I will confirm. Meanwhile, Kyle Woodring is still drumming for Jersey Boys in Chicago. If you want to sneak a small peak at his picture, check out this website, then click on Image Gallery on the top of the screen. Small pics will popup below. Scroll to the 8th picture. Yup, that Kyle on drums.
  13. Here are a couple of dates for 2009. 2/14/2009 - 8:00 PM Penns Peak - Jim Thorpe, PA Monarch Ball Saturday, March 7, 2009 Chicago Hilton Also, I dont quite understand the details as of yet. Let us know if you have more details. Did he write new songs for this? http://www.gcadstransfer.com/TROIKA/101dalmatians.html
  14. I have been to many of DDY's shows and I know he does vary the set list from time to time. For example he dropped Castle Walls and Piece of Eight for many shows. Did you hear any songs off the new album? Its possible something has to go to make way. I understand he even did Turn Off CNN one night and others have reported he did the new song (Private Jones) at another show.
  15. That really bums me out. I really enjoyed the Hunchback play. I live in New Hampshire, so getting back to Chicago is out of the question. Anyone know if Dennis has been attending these final shows or not?
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