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  1. Can't back in to the dock where I need to load my backhaul because there is so much ice underneath that my trailer is too high for their dock plate. This is becoming a big ordeal and all I want to do is get loaded and head eat before the storm gets bad

  2. I know a lot of my friends disagree with me on this, but it's simple: IT'S NOT FUNNY!

  3. 70 years ago today

  4. ...and a Daytona 500 win will still elude Tony Stewart

  5. Exhausting day today: Spent four hours out in the -5 degree weather loading my tank with acid.....it's been a long time since I have been that cold for that long. Snowing here in Cleveland and I am ready to crawl into a nice warm bed

  6. 3+ feet of bacon

  7. Valentine's Day celebration

  8. So it's six hours until Showtime at Penn's Peak tonight. I'm sitting in the waiting room at a truck dealership in York waiting for a ride. I have to get a ride to Gap, then drive home, get ready, remember the tickets, and then drive an hour and a half (with no traffic) to make it to the show.

  9. West Chester Railroad's ALCO RS-18 #1803 in it's former life at Canadian Pacific.

  10. Without Barf and Dot Matrix, and the rest of the original cast a little bit older, what kind of script could they do that would work and be funny

  11. A change for National Train Day coming in 2015

  12. I have not had one soda in one entire month. Two years ago it was six a day.

  13. They are playing "Beat It" on the oldies station. Someone get me my AARP card

  14. anything good on tv tonight?

  15. Lego Movie snubbed by Oscars. Everything is NOT awesome.

  16. Because in the end all that really matters is football

  17. Truck dropped off, all things done. I have my schedule for next week already. Monday begins a new adventure

  18. Township line road and 113 traffic lights out. I should just stay at home today

  19. Signing documents electronically using a mouse is a pain

  20. 28 years ago today.One of the worst wrecks in US passenger rail history.Because of this accident all workers in the transportation industry are now subject to mandatory drug tests.

  21. Happy 2015. Looking forward to the new challenges that are to come this year

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