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  1. Hello Goodbye Land of the Living The Last Guitar Hero Your Saving Grace Proof of Heaven Made for Each Other There's No Turning Back Time St. Quarantine So Little Did We Know Always Time Isle of Misanthrope Gif
  2. Ron

    Unreleased Demo

    After the Edge of the Century tour the members of Styx started working on a new album. But A&M Records, who had been purchased by PolyGram in 1989, was disappointed with sales, and dropped Styx from the label. Styx recorded a nine song demo to shop around to get signed to another label. But the music had changed in the early 90's, and the music of Styx just didn't fit with Nirvana and Pearl Jam. Nobody was interested. Styx would do nothing until A&M wanted to release a Greatest Hits album in 1995, and Styx reunited with Tommy Shaw to record a new version of Lady for that collection.
  3. If I knew back then All the things I know today Baby I would not have changed one hour 'Cause I learned so much from my mistakes All the nights we cried And we prayed we'd see the morning light We never thought that we could make it And you were sure you'd never hear me say This is the time This is the moment We've waited so long Just to be standing here We had a dream We made it happen Nobody believed that we could get this far And now, I know that this is our time You n
  4. Side A Glory of Love (Theme from the Karate Kid Part II) - Peter Cetera Rock 'N' Roll Over You - The Moody Blues Fish For Life - Mancrab Rock Around the Clock - Paul Rodgers Let Me At 'Em - Southside Johnny Side B This Is the Time - Dennis DeYoung Earth Angel - New Edition Love Theme from The Karate Kid Part II - Bill Conti To Looking at One - Carly Simon The Storm - Bill Conti
  5. Ron


    The world is in chaos The rats are running the race The streets are on fire Evil has a new face The fields can be savage Killers walk in plain sight Days of sheer darkness Solemn turns on the night Help us all to change We can be lions Kings of the world No matter how hard the times are Our pride will find the pearls We are the lions Fighters of peace Fortune favors the bravest Grant you this war release The snow has been graying Fools are coming of age Drop a bomb
  6. Youngblood Monster in Me Around Midnight Mean It Lions Decadence on 10th Street Dream Your Heart Out Blow Your Mind Sedona Look into Me Winner Takes All
  7. Too Much Time on My Hands Come Sail Away Blue Collar Man (Long Nights) Lorelei Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man) Mr. Roboto Boat on the River The Best of Times Mademoiselle Babe Show Me the Way
  8. You can't tell me you're trying to figure out how to be cool looking at catalogs So forget about it You have to do it the old fashion way You gotta fake it Yeah Play your drum boy I like music The rhythm really gets to me I can't control it My feet move automatically And I like hot licks The kind I wish that I could play And when I hear them I crank the volume all the way Turn it on Turn it up Turn it loud All the way I like strangers Their kindness means a lot to me They don't ask questions Don't care about my h
  9. And so my friends I'll say goodbye For time has claimed it's prize But the music never dies Just listen and close your eyes Welcome to paradise
  10. It's so hard to say goodbye So I promise not to cry But any tears that might be shed Are only tears of joy And I thank my lucky stars That we've come so very far Rising up against the odds To where we are today And though there may be sadness Let's all raise a glass Cheers to us and all that's passed To the good old days When the world was new When we still believed Dreams could come true To the good old days And to all our friends May the memories last May they never end
  11. coming soon
  12. All my life I have tried To make sense of this dream I’m chasing Tryin’ to silence the voice Tellin’ me I’m not good enough Be the best you can be Boy remember to keep on smilin Try, try harder And someday day soon you’ll see ’Cause you can do better ya know These are the words that I heard long ago But to never give up or given in man its takin it’s toll Damn the dream that steals the night With restless thoughts till mornings light In sleepless hours we ask is this what were made of Damn that dream tha
  13. coming soon
  14. Ring around the rosie Pocket full of posie Ashes, ashes We all fall down With the kingdom ablaze We averted our gaze By hiding our eyes When the pillars came down We heard not a sound From the city of lies Nero's sang the same song they'd been singing While hero's shot in vain their arrows slinging Then the king and his knaves The fools and the slaves Kept pouring our wine And we knew this should stop But we drank every drop Every grape from the vine Barren grew the land between the oceans
  15. Talk talk yada yada blah blah woof woof Talk talk yada yada blah blah woof woof Fake news fake facts New days new hacks Fake truth fake lies Guess what surprise Fake fun fake facts Hey look new tax Fake red fake blue fake me Well fake you... On the TV talk shows On the radio The talking heads put on their show They got the answers These pundits do In ruby red and royal blue But watch out these cognoscenti Hot dog they sure no plenty They remind us Night and
  16. A south side brick bungalow In a lifetime long ago When I was just a lad of seventeen I was searchin for connection To the big machine Feelin’ lost everyone Thinkin’ I was the only one Like a tiny spoke in a wheel just spinnin’ round I was lookin' for direction When I heard that sound And I came alive 'Cause it was all I ever needed I came alive When the rock began to roll And I was revived And now when I feel defeated I hear the best of times and the music frees my soul Just east of midni
  17. I am the Modren Man With this guitar in hand I'll do my best and try To keep Rock and Roll alive ...Keep it alive ...Keep it alive ...Keep it alive Don't let it end Don't let it end Don't let it end Don't let it end I'm gonna keep on rockin' all through the night Shake it, shake it, baby, 'cause it fells so right Motivate your body, gonna cure your soul Keep on rockin' 'til I loose control Don't let it end
  18. Haven't we been here before Footsteps lead down to the note on the door That says I can't stay here anymore And haven't we felt this same way Sure in our hearts, but afraid just the same To say I can't stay one minute more You might think that it's hopeless Beyond our control But that's not necessarily so Can't you see there's a chance For the daring young soul Who's finally learned to say no No I won't be misused Ignored or refused And I won't just give up and let go So tonight hold me close to you And don't give up what'
  19. In the dark so all alone Slowly reach for the telephone A message waits just for you A secret place, another rendezvous It's not always honesty That is the best policy But little lies can give you away Though you'll deny it if they say maybe you're just Leading a Double Life Friends in the daytime, strangers at night Leading a Double Life Can it be wrong when you know that it's right? The other side of the Berlin Wall is Not far enough to avoid the call Somebody knows, somebody's seen Somebody knows right where you've been And that
  20. This could be the longest night in recorded history And as for sleep, you might as well just cross it off the list of possibilities (Now) I'm as brave as the next man I won't turn and run from a fight And I could last a million years If I just get though this night I could be a novelist Tell secrets never heard Pour my soul into each and every sentence But I just can't find the words Still I know that you're out there And you can relate to it all And I could bear the cold and stormy winter If I just get through this fall Don't you know there's no
  21. Spoken backwards: Annuit Coeptis Novus Ordo Seclorum What the devil's going on Why don't you turn that music down You're going deaf and that's for sure But all you do is scream for more Get the lead out go for broke Pop your pills and drink and smoke Shoot those chemicals in your vein Anything to ease the pain Heavy Metal Poisoning Got a toxic wasteland in your ear canal You're overloaded, you're suffering Overloaded on sex and drugs Everything is black and white You are wrong and we are right First we spank your bi
  22. I flip the switch on my laser video And there's the man staring back at me He starts to speak in a voice so righteous About the sins of society He's got the answers to all my problems Says he'll decide what I should hear and see I try to change to another station But all I get is more of his morality Morality But I see the kids of a new generation And they won't stand for this mind control They're gonna change this world we live in They're gonna bring back the Rock and Roll So if I can, I'm gonna break from this prison Gonna get out and
  23. What can I do Pictures of you still make me cry Trying to live without your love--it's so hard to do Some nights I'll wake up I'll look at your pillow Hoping that I'll see you there But I get up each day, not much to say I've nowhere to go Loneliness fills me up inside 'Cause I'm missing you So if you'll give us a chance to remember the love we had once together Wait and see Time is all that we really need I'm praying you won't say no
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