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  1. Ron

    Warning Shot

    distant roads astrangers face
  2. If I knew back then all the things I knew today
  3. Ron

    Desert Moon

    Is this the train to desert moon is all she said
  4. Ron


    You dont care about me i dont caere about that
  5. Ron

    Boys Will Be Boys

    Summer is here believe it or not
  6. Ron


    So let's give our love one more chance
  7. Ive got my dreams
  8. Atlantic Hotel Casino - Grand Ballroom https://www.atlantiscasino.com/reno-events/concerts-events/dennis-deyoung Tickets $55 / $75
  9. Ron

    Rice Lake, WI

    Dennis DeYoung and the Music of Styx Aquafest Main Street Rice Lake, WI https://www.aquafestonline.com/bands/
  10. The band does have great chemistry together, which helps make the shows so much fun. "Sing for the Day" is in the middle of the big keyboard solo near the end of "Fooling Yourself". It's a really nice touch, and I was disappointed that it wasn't included when they did the DVD, but I can understand why it was left out. Your comment about the sound being so close is one reason why I don't like to get a seat within the first five rows: You hear the monitors instead of the sound system. Depending on the venue, you may hear from both which sounds even worse. Personally, I like about 10 rows back, if I can get a seat with good balance. Otherwise, depending on the venue, I'll sit near the sound board because I know that's where it will sound the best. Glad you had a great time
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