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  1. I bet I know what forum you were at I am really hoping that things can stay positive here, as it pretty much did in the past. By focusing just on what Dennis is doing, there are plenty of good things going on that there is no room for negativity. (Plus I think I have it in the term and conditions that by design this site is one-sided, and if your viewpoints are the complete opposite and you come to troll you will be promptly removed.) Dennis has a pretty heavy schedule this summer, touring with two different sets, plus a couple of symphony shows. Then there is the song from Jim Peterik's album, and Dennis' album-in-the-works. Mark's "Styxtoury" pages on Facebook are good too. He presents all information from all musicians involved with Styx at one point or another and focuses on the music created.
  2. https://ultimateclassicrock.com/styx-grand-illusion-album/?fbclid=IwAR2nvvAHzbXvEzxlGI4v0krOrUoAQCIdHQgvFOR3bIexQHvv1cT0eOYBO2I Happy 42nd birthday
  3. Tickets $48/$68 Tickets available through Ticketmaster additional information at the Hoyt Sherman Place website
  4. This is a rescheduled show that was originally supposed to be on May 11th. All tickets for the May 11th show will be honored. If you are unable to make the new date, contact the Pompano Beach Amphitheater Purchase tickets here Additional information at the Pompano Beach Amphitheater website
  5. Tickets go on sale July 8th 12:00pm Information available at Oxford PAC website
  6. Blumenthal PAC Tickets $35.00 / $55.00 / $85.00 Purchase TIckets additional information at Blumenthal PAC website
  7. Tickets from $19.99 available for purchase from Ticketmaster For additional information visit the Hard Rock Casino website
  8. Purchase tickets from LiveNation additional information at the Warner Theatre website
  9. Tickets $49.50-$69.50 Purchase tickets here Additional information at the Keswick Theatre website
  10. Ron

    Jackson CA - The Music of Styx

    Tickets start at $35 for Dreamcatcher's Club members Purchase tickets here For additional information visit Jackson Rancheria Casino website
  11. Mesa Arts Center $43/$50/$60 Purchase tickets A $30 preshow dinner is also available for purchase here For additional information visit the Mesa Arts Center website
  12. Tickets from $49 Purchase tickets from Ticketmaster For additional information visit the Four Winds Casino website
  13. Purchase Tickets from Ticketmaster additional information at the Lynn Audirotium website
  14. Tickets $29/$49/$69/$99 Purchase tickets from Ticketmaster for additional information visit the Bergen PAC website
  15. Ball State University Tickets $29.50/$39.50/$49.50 Purchase Tickets Ball State University students can receive a special price see more information additional information at the Ball State University website
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