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  1. Ron

    DDY Podcast

    When they were first released, I wasn't always downloading them when I listened to them. Now I'm trying to archive them and it looks like I am missing some episodes that do not seem to be available online. I'm not sure if it's a numbering issue or if they just aren't available. I'm looking for episodes 6-11, which would have been released in February/March of 2017
  2. https://ultimateclassicrock.com/rock-concept-albums/?fbclid=IwAR2KwL03pCMY7LSfbodJ2CvKaCe2K4xxxscicu_Vi-Qgyd1Ntc4kA4S9FlE Love it or hate it, the concept album is a part of rock history.
  3. You can post whatever you want! That's what the site is here for. I'm pretty sure the podcasts are done, as it's been about a year and a half since the last one. Since there are a lot of different ways podcasts are handled (either through another company that pays the author of the podcast, or done independently by the author) it may or may not start up again in the future. I would like to archive them here, but not until they are no longer available anywhere else. (It's interesting that it is not available in iTunes for the United States)
  4. Ron

    Call Me

    Rain began to fall softly As she gazed around the room Even now she wondered what went wrong A letter in her hand trembled As she placed it by the phone All at once there were footsteps by the door She didn't want a confrontation To tear them apart She wasn't sure of all the feelings Racing through her heart I looked into her eyes Knowing something wasn't right And suddenly the tears began to show Babe I know that it's wrong But you know I'm really not that strong How I wish I could tell you that I am But before I even read this letter I want you to stay But if I see your mind's made up There's just one thing I've got to say You can call me Baby if you ever change your mind Believe me when I say to you Anytime will be alright You can call me Only seven numbers on the phone Maybe we can talk things over You're never that far from home Oh, no, no, baby you're not along Another season Another change Two hearts are breaking With no one to blame I know the reasons You want to go But if you find that you still want me There's one thing that you know You can call me Baby if you ever change your mind Believe me when I say to you Anytime will be alright You can call me Only seven numbers on the phone Maybe we can talk things over You're never that far from home
  5. Purchase Tickets Tickets start at $35 Information available at Magnolia Live Nation page The venue was the El Cajon PAC and was renovated and reopened in the summer of 2019
  6. Ron

    St. Louis, MO - The Music of Styx

    21 or older to attend Purchase tickets for Friday 2/14 Purchase tickets for Saturday 2/15 Tickets start at $29.50 Additional information at the River City Casino website
  7. Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Purchase tickets Ticket price $44-$49
  8. I'm a little hesitant on any kind of copying content directly, even if for an archival purpose. I don't want to "steal" the content, but maybe could share the link to his post and have it as a discussion starter. I'm sure it's important to Dennis to have the views on his page and the number of likes increasing, and if I copy that material he could lose those numbers, which I would want to support. I do a similar thing with articles that I find interesting. I will post a link, but not the content of the article so I don't get the content provider upset. To trace back to the roots of DDY Talk, it was created at a time when Dennis didn't even have an active website. His older website, GrandIllusionMusic.com, had been "on hiatus" for quite some time, and the only other solely DDY website was the Don't Wait for Heroes website, that hadn't had any new content for quite some time. This is a huge contrast to now, where he has a Facebook presence, and has even done podcasts. I don't want to seem like I'm stealing his content. I agree that Facebook comments stink. "When are you coming to (insert town name here)?" over and over. I think there is a place for discussion.
  9. I bet I know what forum you were at I am really hoping that things can stay positive here, as it pretty much did in the past. By focusing just on what Dennis is doing, there are plenty of good things going on that there is no room for negativity. (Plus I think I have it in the term and conditions that by design this site is one-sided, and if your viewpoints are the complete opposite and you come to troll you will be promptly removed.) Dennis has a pretty heavy schedule this summer, touring with two different sets, plus a couple of symphony shows. Then there is the song from Jim Peterik's album, and Dennis' album-in-the-works. Mark's "Styxtoury" pages on Facebook are good too. He presents all information from all musicians involved with Styx at one point or another and focuses on the music created.
  10. https://ultimateclassicrock.com/styx-grand-illusion-album/?fbclid=IwAR2nvvAHzbXvEzxlGI4v0krOrUoAQCIdHQgvFOR3bIexQHvv1cT0eOYBO2I Happy 42nd birthday
  11. Tickets $48/$68 Tickets available through Ticketmaster additional information at the Hoyt Sherman Place website
  12. This is a rescheduled show that was originally supposed to be on May 11th. All tickets for the May 11th show will be honored. If you are unable to make the new date, contact the Pompano Beach Amphitheater Purchase tickets here Additional information at the Pompano Beach Amphitheater website
  13. Tickets go on sale July 8th 12:00pm Information available at Oxford PAC website
  14. Blumenthal PAC Tickets $35.00 / $55.00 / $85.00 Purchase TIckets additional information at Blumenthal PAC website
  15. Tickets from $19.99 available for purchase from Ticketmaster For additional information visit the Hard Rock Casino website
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