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  1. Yes the song is getting very popular up here, but not that much in Gatineau where I live because we're to close to Ottawa and most of our radio stations don't play it because it's part in french and they don't play french music like on CHOM in Montreal. There were 5 standing ovations at each show this weekend, so not only for one undred years one but for a few others as well so you can imagine how popular he is up here... Jojo
  2. Hi everyone! Back from those two wonderful shows this weekend in Quebec City. My god where do I begin... First, both shows were almost identical. The only difference is that on Friday, he didn't sing "This time next year" which he did on Saturday. The crowd was the best that I've ever seen and believe me I've seen 17 shows since January 2006. They even rocked more than in Montreal which is pretty hard to beat. The orchestra was pretty good except that Arnie Roth (the usual conductor for DDY) wasn't there this weekend. There was a special guest, Stephane Dufour, Eric Lapointe's guitarist and WOW what an addition to the show!! That guy has a lot of charisma, is a great guitar player and really enjoys what he does. He brought the biggest breath of fresh air to that concert especially concerning Tommy Dziallo. Usually Tommy D. is pretty shy and reserved during the shows, but this time, he was on FIRE!! They played an improvised intro to Rockin' the paradise where they were "having there little competition" and Tommy was having fun like crazy smiling from ear to ear. Hank even cut in with his own little base guitar solo. Dennis was great as usual, his voice perfect on both nights. He sang One hundred years from now with Marc-Andre Fortin which is the guy that's been singing on the symphonic shows here in Quebec since last year in Montreal. It was good but Marc-Andre has almost the same voice as DDY, so the contrast wasn't as good as with Eric Lapointe. I NEVER thought that I would write this because I dislike Lapointe like crazy but I wish he would have been there just for that song. Everything else was basic DDY without any problems during the shows. So that's about it and just a special little hello to Andree a new friend we made in Quebec who reads but doesn't write on the board. Thank you for your great kindness this weekend!! Take care everybody. Jojo
  3. Nice pictures Amanda! Better than in Montreal. Just a small remark: He's wearing the same clothes that he had on the T.V. show in Montreal on Tuesday. Is he running out of clothes?? (LOL) Heading to Quebec City tomorrow for both shows. Review to follow... Jojo
  4. gatfan

    DDY in Halifax!

    I'm very happy for you Amanda, glad you finally decided to go !! Jojo
  5. Everything was described perfectly except for the wedding picture which was during "Babe" and not "Lady". It's true, the concerts were great and thank God, no Eric Lapointe to sing with DDY, altough I saw him behind the curtains at Saturday's show. DDY just mentionned him briefly. Jojo
  6. gatfan

    This Time Next Year

    Hi Ron Same thing as Amanda : IT'S NOT ME EITHER!! According to his manager, Gatineau was the first city where he played the song. Is the bootleg audio or video?? Jojo
  7. I will surely try but I have a very busy day tomorrow. I will do my best... Jojo
  8. Today is the day!!! DDY is finally back!! Two shows in two nights can't wait... See you tomorrow Amanda... I'm eager to finally meet you... Jojo
  9. Just saw on Flash wich is a french speaking tv show here in Quebec that Suzanne threw a surprise birthday party for Dennis last night in their home in Chicago. They even had a bit of footage live from the party. Dennis seemed happy about it. Happy birthday DDY even if your birthday is in 17 days Jojo
  10. Just saw a 2 minute interview with Dennis on Flash, wich is a french canadian tv show here in Quebec. He had Eric Lapointe at his house in Chicago there with him. And of course, Lapointe looked and sounded as trashed as usual. He even had a drink in his hand (Lapointe not DDY) during the interview. We heard a very brief passage of the song that they're recording together for the new album and yes dear friends it's in FRENCH!! I'm a french speaking canadian myself, and what I heard I didn't like at all. I can't believe that DDY has done this!! I think that JJ is right to be mad and I think it's a stunt to attract more French speaking canadians. I think that by doing this DDY will lose a lot of respect from his American fans... Wake up Dennis and don't put this song on your album... it's not to late... Jojo
  11. I can't believe this!! Eric Lapointe and DDY are such different styles. Specially in the voice department. DDY has one of the purest voices in showbizz, while Lapointe has no voice at all!! That guy is always drunk or stoned when you see him on stage. I guess opposites attract... We'll see what comes out of this... Maybe we will be surprised... I guess we will expect to see Lapointe make an appearance in Montreal in March. By the way, he's one of Quebec's most popular artists... Amanda, what do you think of this??? Jojo
  12. Did he come on air early? When I turned on the broadcast, Lady was on. He was in great shape and as usual sounded great when he sang. I hope I didn't miss too much of the broadcast... Jojo
  13. Hey Amanda We did it!!!! I've got great tickets on the 30th. 2nd row dead center! And on the 31st you guessed it, 1st row dead center as well. I'm so happy. So, we will surely see each other on both shows... Looking forward to it! P.S. Got my tickets for Quebec as well, first row for both shows!!! Phew what a morning this was... Jojo
  14. gatfan

    Pieces Of Eight

    I do know what you mean since I experienced the same situation back in April in Gatineau. There was a guy that was really drunk sitting right besides me in the 3rd row center, right in Dennis' face and he wouldn't stop fooling around during the show. DDY had to be annoyed as much as I was. Security came to speak to him a couple of times, but sadly he never got thrown out. I could have strangled him. He basically ruined my whole show... Jojo
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