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  1. Certainly showed he still had something left in terms of a hard sound (which he proved in 100 years)
  2. Pieces of Eight http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rt8OFbopvN8 Queen of Spades ===================== And the winner is.... Queen of Spades Larry's vocals were horrible on CW and POE. As for the other clips of new songs we have not heard(Superstars, Sing for the Day), the harmonies were also horrible. Youtube quality is part to blame but some of these songs should have remained in the vault.
  3. Castle Walls http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9q4myLFgxBU
  4. Watched the video of SMTW. That song is 100 times better with full instruments. So, do we get a review of the show?
  5. Don't know what forum to post this in, but I came accross this and really liked it. Not the right voice for the song but very original...
  6. I thought his choice of tracks was too limiting. Styx used to release albums with 7-8 songs. Today they would need 12. I would choose 8 songs from 100 years, 2 songs from Cyclo (One with everything and the corny cheesy shaw/blades ballad) and one song from Styx's copycat orchestra show.
  7. There are bunch of newish youtube videos of their small Canada tune up concerts. Not a huge fan of Rock and Roll is the only way out. I think the other new song posted on their website "Rolling Along" is much much better. This new song on youtube is also better IMO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OdmM7cA3wAk Much more interesting is the lawsuit filed by Bachman's brother trying to prevent Bachman and Turner from touring and releasing new music claiming that both Bachman and Turner had signed away their rights to the BTO name. The counter is that Bachman and Turner are touring under their own names and not BTO.
  8. Never for that. Its a classic and Family Guy's use of the training scenes from Rocky 4 in its Empire Strikes Back episode was great. I am talking about hearing similarities
  9. I still contend that at 1:23 in the song for 15 seconds or so (and then a bit later in the song), it sounds like the chorus from Burning Heart from Rocky 4. Am I crazy?
  10. blt

    Styx "Regeneration"

    No Roboto, no Babe, no Best of Times, no Too Much Time on my Hands, no Renegade, no Blue Collar Man = no Walmart? Can you record a remix of classic styx songs and sell it through Walmart without 4 top ten hits from their classic years and two of their most popular Rock tunes. My guess is that this will be self released. Release Vol 1 - $10 (with a few of the classics), then in a few months release Vol 2 - $10 (with a few of the classics), etc...
  11. It works in his orchestra show. But, when I saw him with his band, I would have much prefered the original.
  12. What a hard rockin band. This song rocks. The blazing electric guitars make this the rockiest rocking rocker I have ever heard.
  13. Suite Madame Blue is now up in accoustic. Very good (except they seemed a little off on the America chants).
  14. Tons of accoustic videos on youtube from his Verona NY performance. I really like that for the accoustic version of Grand Illusion he has gone back to the original recording pacing.
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