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  1. What? No Castle Walls at this show? We are gonna have to have a talk with him. Mac
  2. Well, that is cool you took the high road. But whoever that crazy person was to say such a thing like Styx is better of without DDY? First off they are as wrong as wrong can get. But the truth is, Dennis is better off without Styx. Mac Hello God
  3. Hi gang, I know I been quiet lately. It has been pretty strange around here lately I feel like I am in the Twilight Zone or something. But I am alive and behind in e-mails so if you sent me something be patient I will get back to ya. Lots of hectic stuff going on round here. Mac Hello God
  4. Hello Starr, welcome to our little board I hope you enjoy it here with us. Mac Hello God
  5. Way to go Ron, you enjoy that new house now, ya hear? Mac Hello God
  6. Well, if it is the cartoon I am thinking about it is very old and Clinton was the president at the time it was made. Maybe they should make a more updated one. Mac
  7. Yes it has been a great month and we are still growing. This is turning into a great place and looks like the move was well worth it. Thanks everybody for a great month. Thanks to Ron for pretty much running the board you are doing an excellent job. Mac Hello God
  8. Well look who is here? I been wondering about you Sharonrose Welcome back and Welcome to the new board. Mac Hello God
  9. Thanks Pam I would say it is great to be back, but I am wishing I was still there LOL! I had a load of fun I would not have missed that for the world. Mac Hello God
  10. Hi everybody, I spent this past weekend having a blast in California. I did all kinds of stuff. Sunday I got to meet Alan and spend some quality time with him. Alan is a great guy and I really really enjoyed my time with him this past Sunday. We had lunch at a place called The Stinking Rose. That was a really neat place. I got sick in Alans car, Alan, that is what I really think of you LOL! Just kidding, I just had an empty stomach and needed to get it full LOL! I hope like hell I can get back to CA. Alan and me are just gonna have to spend some more time together. M
  11. The war was worth it with Saddam out of power the whole world is a better and safer place. You seemed concerned over innocent people dying so with Saddam gone alot less innocent people will have to die. A couple people get hit with our bombs and everybody goes crazy, but when Saddam ties somebody's hands around their back and pushes them off of a building it is ok? I guess that was Saddams version of a right to choose. Yes, conservatives are concerned about a tiny unborn fetus. It is still human and anybody that ever see's the video of a baby being sucked apart piece by piece kicking and
  12. Alan said:Acknowledging the inherent evil of war is an absolutely neccessary first step to finding ways to prevent it. And the war is nowhere as evil as Saddam was, and in this war nowhere near as many innocent people died as they did living under Saddam. People say we caused all these deaths and such but we really saved more than we caused. What ways are there to prevent war? To just sit around knowing there is a serious problem out there, but just hope that it goes away? It is funny that we are sitting here talking about innocent people being killed while the same people s
  13. Yes Robin that is exactly what I mean both people the father and the mother are too stupid to use normal contraceptives so should the woman get pregnant then they should just have to deal with it, not kill it. Mac
  14. Unfortunately Robin, there are people that do take the attitude of "Who cares-if I get pregnent I'll just have an abortion" A throughly DISGUSTING thought in itself but unfortunately true. Even more so when you have to consider that they do this more than once!!! Ron That is the abortion I am talking about. Mac
  15. Like I said this all about the party. Had Al Gore been the one to lead us into this war right now Alan and I would be in agreement instead of disagreement as far as the war goes. About Homeosexual marriages? They are immoral,sick, and just plain wrong. God himself is the one who condems the homosexual lifestyle. It is god that homosexuals will have to and he already said they will go to hell. Since God said it I believe it. The abortion thing. Everybody always wants to hide behind the rape thing! What about the ones who use it as birth control? Talk about closing your mind that is e
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