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  1. “A musician without an audience is homeless,” he said. “You forget the audience and they’ll soon forget you.” That one thought sums up why, outside of the music, I am a fan!
  2. Tickets are now on sale for an 8pm January 16th, 2015 show. I got mine (2nd row center). Just an FYI for those interested. Jay
  3. Yes - it feels like an outpouring :-)
  4. I have a hard time remembering my own birthday these days!
  5. but thought this was probably the best place. All in 100% jest - but knowing the famous quote JY has said in the past: Quick someone send this one to him! I kid - I kid!
  6. I am a huge Glen fan - "All In a Days Work" is still a go to tune. He and Dennis did some great work together. I would be happy for them to tour together :-).
  7. keeping on a Kilroy theme - if you are there on a blind date - you request "Just Get Through This Night."
  8. I'm probably one of the few people who really really liked this whole album. Sure it was different than previous releases - but it was current for the time. Even the "weaker songs" I would play over and over. Ah well - just my own opinion :-)
  9. I will have to say that of all the solo releases (early years) this is my favorite song. I even used the screen name "boomchild" way back when (in the days of AOL at the like as the only way to get onto the internet). In any case - I hope to hear Dennis sing this song in June - time will tell! Update to say it was WOW! that I had that username on..... :-)
  10. Tommy's best work has been when he collaborated with Dennis and with Jack. Why not get the 3 of them together for an album (Emerson, Lake, and Palmer anyone)?
  11. Finally! I will get to see Dennis! It is part of a day of music, so don't know how many songs, or when in the day Dennis will be singing, may have make the day of it.
  12. So - I've discovered some pretty amazing musicians due the "musical chairs" Styx has done over the years. I mean, Tommy was a replacement. Glen has some amazing songs out there, and I am a big fan of his. Also - there probably would have never been a Shaw/Blades release without all that went on then too. I had never heard of Gowan before he game to the band, and I've now seen him with the band three times. He certainly has gotten better singing the songs, and is a huge showman on stage. I've explored his solo music, and I do like many of it. As far as making it big in the U.S. = that
  13. and I've said it before - I'll say it again. A band is at its best when they all get together, work together, write together, record together. There are so many times you can pick up on someone else's ideas (say expand upon a guitar riff or vocal run) and just make it that much better. In today's way of making music - one does their part in one studio and another does there's in another studio. Too clinical, less "blood, sweat, and tears" put into the songs!
  14. My favorite song from both albums hands down is "Yes I Can" - but then again, Tommy is at his best when collaborates with a 2nd good song writer (Dennis, Jack, Glen) - so that stands to reason why this song is a stand out for me.
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