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  1. Cant speak to accuracy. But its whats out there... http://www.ukmix.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=87957
  2. We missed the big guys Bday... Not one of us posted... maybe there is just one of us at this point? In any case Happy belated Dennis. Thanks for another year of entertainment and health and happiness to you and yours... PeAcE... R2K.. Doug in Jerzey
  3. I wouldn't call this big news... But maybe it is what he was talking about. To me big news would be new material, Qmodo on stage or a reunion... But it is good news for sure
  4. I'm sure the only reason he has a website is because his management team thought it would help the brand... He has said a few times that he doesn't like the internet. And even made a comment referring to how few people (I think he said a cpl hundred) read what is posted by/about him. I do agree that "if" you say something like that, you should follow-up. But celebrities usually are on a diff wavelength so... go figga
  5. Someone said that Dennis said... 2nd hand info... Always a crap shoot...
  6. This topic possibly ties into Booms "news coming from Dennis" topic. I noticed 2 dates as follows with something I'm not familiar with: Tour Dates Wednesday, February 12, 2014 PRIVATE - DENNIS DEYOUNG: THE MUSIC OF STYX FEATURING SPECIAL "QUASIMODO" tm PERFORMANCE Wednesday, February 19, 2014 PRIVATE - DENNIS DEYOUNG: THE MUSIC OF STYX FEATURING SPECIAL "Q-MODO" tm PERFORMANCE Q-Modo? If anyone has more info on this I'm all ears... Or maybe this is the news to come? PeAcE... R2K...
  7. Wonder if he'll wear a silly looking feathered cap and lederhosen.... I mean the monkey of course...
  8. The rumor is he is going on the road solo with just his accordian and a small monkey... Thats what I heard... I might have been asleep, but I heard it I did...
  9. lol... Also can be used if you drank to much and got those "bed spins"....
  10. And what do all the patrons exclaim at "last call" ..... .......... ........... Dont let it end.......
  11. Dennis already has exposer to a wider audience..... I know i've gotten wider over the years <rimshot>
  12. Thats an interesting situation... I have a feeling though that he wont show up at concerts where NR is appearing with Dennis... just a hunch... But if he did... would he come out to perform w/Dennis? ... I would be for that... Even though I'm against Dennis ever getting on stage w/Styx again....
  13. Rubulator2k


    Just posting here cause there aint been nutt'n since 08... GO DEVILS!!!!
  14. I'm done buying re-re-re-releases... If there was a new track, perhaps...
  15. I think all the fans of Dennis(me included) were tough not on Larry personally, but his attempt to fill some huge shoes. I think even Christ would have got bad reviews from us <looks up waiting for the lightning>. Dennis has said it himself, a big part of his success as a singer is that he doesn't sound like anyone else.You can't replace a Dennis Deyoung. His unique sound and presence helped create the brand. Without his past contributions, Styx 2.0 would be irrelevant. As much as they try to distance themselves from Dennis. By saying that they have toured more post 99 then thier h
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