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  1. I wish I had about $4K on Saturday when they auctioned off the Guitar at KFC with Dennis signing it.
  2. I don't think he had his regular sound group running the show. There were a few times where I noticed he couldnt hear himself, once the Bass guitar was too loud, and during Come Sail Away his keyboards were turned off. I think part of it was due to it being a small set and part of a much larger venue being run by uncoordinated people. I was in the VIP section, so I was right up at the stage, Dennis liked my Roboto shirt too. Chubby Bald dude in a blue shirt flashing Dennis, yep that was me, and got a thumbs up for it too from him. I really think he was there just for supporting the charit
  3. Well if you have $80-150 per person, you can see, or actually meet Dennis on the 24th of this month. He will be performing a 1 hour show at the Kids fighting cancer benefit. I am waiting for my tickets to arrive. I splurged and got the $150 VIP tickets, so I get to meet the man again!
  4. Oct 24th, anyone here going? Should be an exciting evening and for a good cause. Kids Fight Cancer Concert
  5. wow if it wasnt for my two little ones I would go to that, but it is too far from me.
  6. AWW Man, you got to see him in a suit and tie, where I only got to see him in jeans. AND you got a picture too! Ahwell I saw the early performance when they were tweaking it and it was very good then, so I can only imagine how much better it was during the premier. Early review I sent them an email and got back a reply too, so I am very happy about the whole thing.
  7. 14 years old, raging hormones and a hot neighbor next door. Thats all I remember about 1977.
  8. Find the one word used the most in Styx songs(and, the, I etc. not included) Bonus point for how many times it is used and in how many songs.
  9. OK found one where the title isnt part of the chorus. What has come between us. Chorus is lovely lady tell me what you feel as a child were you mild does it make it so unreal? lovely lady feel so insecure when you give all yourself how can you be sure?
  10. Can it be done with Dennis and Kevin? Thats what I meant with this thread.
  11. I can do it, but it doesn't quite make it in under 6, or does it. 1. Met Dennis last week at hunchback 2. Met Norm Abrams who worked with Bob Vila 3. Bob villa, worked with Tim Allen on Home improvement 4. Tim Allen starred with Tom Hanks in Toy story 5. Tom Hanks starred with Kevin Bacon in Apollo 13.
  12. Here is my take on it, being a fan since Lady hit WLS. I lost track of the band after they went their ways in the 80's, sort of followed Dennis in his Solo career, didn't follow Tommy, but did grab onto Raised by Wolves when that came about, JY by himself can really rock, he is very good at it. Tommy OTOH, to me sounds like a whiny kid in most of his releases. When Styx played together, the harmony of Dennis and Tommy was the best, they complimented each other, Jy had his deep coarse voice for his songs, John who in my opinion was greatly overlooked as a drummer, when you sit there
  13. I haven't seen any recent posts since May 9th, so here goes possibly the first review since its preview opened. I wont go into great detail about the show, I want those who can to see it for themselves. I arrived early so I could get parking(Yeah Right), after driving around a few times I opted for Valet parking, so I got into the theatre early, got our tickets and waited for them to let us in to be seated. While I was waiting I happened to be looking int he right direction at the right time and got a shock to the system when out walks the man himself. At first I didn't quite recognize h
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