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  1. Please read the concert review of Dennis performing with the Orange County Symphony last Friday (11/6/09). It's always great to see Dennis perform live. This is my first post in atleast two years, I guess I have been on a DDY Forum hiatus. Life just got busy, but I hope to re-engage with the best Dennis DeYoung fans in the world.
  2. Yes, as a matter of fact, I did. My wife and I attended the Pacific Symphony show in Costa Mesa, Ca on Friday, November 6th. The show went a little differently than I had anticipated. The Orange County Symphony performed first for an hour. They did a "pops" symphony of rock-n-roll songs from the 50s, 60s & 70s. This was a lead up to their special guest performer: Dennis DeYoung. After a twenty minute intermission, the legend himself appeared with his band, backed by the symphony. Naturally he started off with the Grand Illusion, which always sounds awesome with the symphony. Dennis was his usual witty self and clowned around with the audience and asked his usual question: "How many of you are seeing me for the first time?" After some applause he asks: "Where the hell have you been, I'm 62 years old." That gets a lot of laughs. Dennis went on to perform the usual set: Lady, Babe, Lorelei with the Mozart Intro, Mr. Roboto, The Best of Times, Claire De Lune, Don't Let It End, Desert Moon, & the grand finale: Come Sail Away. Prior to performing Come Sail Away, Dennis told the audience to pretend that we all left the stage and have returned. I understand why he did this: This was not his typical audience and I think that they would have got up and left had he not warned them that this was the encore song. Many of these people were symphony season seat holders. I did sense that this particular audience did enjoy the concert and Dennis and the band did get a standing ovation, how could they not? I enjoyed the concert, although it was not my favorite DDY concert. My wife thought the acoustics in this particular building was "off." I thought the rock band was really loud and at time drowned Dennis out, which is hard to do. His voice was awesome as usual, he seemed a little distracted with his ear pieces, but then again he always seem a little bothered by ear pieces (I don't like stuff in my ears either). I did miss him not playing Suite Madame Blue, that song is awesome. This was another great opportunity to see Dennis live, it was only 100 miles from where I live and I have not seen Dennis perform in three years. I am hoping the next show that I see him perform at will be 100% Dennis and his band. Dennis probably performed for an hour and fifteen minutes, I would have preferred two hours of Dennis and zero time of the O.C. Symphony. Not to knock the O.C. Symphony because they were great, I just happen to prefer DDY exclusively!
  3. I am willing to bet that CNN is using Dennis' song to promote their network, with a slight wording change of course: "Turn-On CNN." Unfortunately, I have the worst cable provider on the planet (Time-Warner) and they switch our top and bottom of the hour CNN Headline News to some local information show hosted by an old has-been like Bella Shaw. Believe me, I would much rather see Dennis.
  4. Chris Daughtry (of American Idol fame) would be a great choice. Main reason: It would bring in a younger audience and he has a decent voice. Plus, they may become smitten with Dennis' voice which may lead them to listen to the rest of his great song catalog.
  5. Interesting interview, I enjoyed reading Sterling's views on Styx. The most fascinating was his opinion that Styx could possibly reunite someday with DDY in a grand finale farewell tour. I personally have my doubts, although I would love to see it. If I have learned anything in this life, it's this: "Never say never."
  6. Never looked at that way. Great input!
  7. I'll take a stab at this although this is just my opinion. Dennis obviously found a name, "Bates," to rhyme with "Gates." The deceased actor, Anthony Perkins will always be known for playing "Norman Bates" in the Alfred Hitchcock classic, "Pyscho." I think Dennis is saying: When you get to the Pearly Gates, say hello to Norman Bates, also known as Anthony Perkins who is deceased. If anyone has a more plausible theory, please share.
  8. As I was looking through the slideshow, I was thinking this about half of those bands: Who did they piss off? As we all know, it's all political.
  9. Tiresias

    Turn off CNN live

    It was still a fun version to watch. Kate is looking good.
  10. Tiresias

    Best Thing!

    That was great vintage footage of early Styx. I am more inclined to believe the haze over the crowd that day was caused from pot smoke rather than fog coming off the lake. I remember that "hippy" era ("peace, man!") well even though I was just a kid then. As Bobe Hope would say: "Thanks for the memories."
  11. This is one of the better songs on BNW, in my opinion. I enjoy listening to it, I however do not find it "painful" to listen to. It is obviously autobiographic during that point in his life when he was having health issues.. My favorite song on BNW is "High Crimes and Misdemeanors: Hip-Hopcracy." It is great typical social commentary by Dennis. It's a light and humorous listen and slams the news media and the talking heads.
  12. Dennis needs to go on "Dancing With The Stars" or be a guest coach on "American Idol" to capture a huge audience to promote his new CD. I am sure he would prefer the "American Idol" gig; "Dancing With The Stars" seems very strenuous although Dennis seems to be in good shape for a man of 60.
  13. I agree that Dennis should do a Christmas CD. My wife just purchased a Josh Groban Christmas CD and she said that Dennis DeYoung should do a Christmas CD because he has such a "nice" voice. This coming from a Josh Groban fan. I have attended two Josh Groban concerts with her and she has attended two Dennis DeYoung concerts with me. You need not ask which I prefer. Josh is a very talented youngman, I just like Dennis' brand of music better.
  14. One of our local news stations featured a poll titled "Irritating Cover Songs." Number 27 out of 29 was "Can't Find My Way Home" by Styx. We know that Dennis would have never put that song on a Styx album because Dennis has the talent to produce "original" material. Am I taking a shot at the present line-up? Well . . . , YES!
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