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  1. To those still visiting this forum, we are successfully building signatures on our petition. We need everyone's support to make this a success. So if you haven't yet signed the petition I am asking you to please do so. Additionally, we have a FB group and a public community page to keep people informed on our campaign. Below are the respective links, please check them out and follow! https://www.facebook.com/High-Time-For-Styx-Rock-Roll-Hall-Of-Fame-Campaign-114623956996541 https://www.facebook.com/groups/568250547263254
  2. Hello all, hope everyone is well. I am part of a group of Styx fans on FB that have gotten together to create a petition campaign to get Styx inducted into The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. We have a petition up on change.org and would like to ask everyone here to sign it. Since posting it a few days ago we have already gathered 600 plus signatures. We truly believe that if Styx fans collectively support this petition campaign we will be successful at pressuring the hall to give Styx the recognition they truly deserve. We also have a FB group called High Time for Styx to help people get upda
  3. I'm certainly looking forward to DDY's forthcoming album. But somewhat on a sad note. Seeing that he views this as his final album project.
  4. Hello Ron and long time no see! Was wondering what was going to become of the site. I've missed the forum here. I was participating in another online forum but it was a different experience then here. Mostly every topic would descend into people bickering back and forth. Also have been chatting with folks on a FB group for DDY\Styx fans. Nice to see the site up and working again. Hope that it will garner some new discussions from us fans.
  5. I also am a die hard Styx fan but, I never really liked the current version of Styx. I don't care for Gowan's performance on DDY's material and I feel that Todd over complicates things. Add to that, there was something special about the colaboration between DDY, JY and TS. With DDY out of the picture I feel something is lost. You can't recreate it with a replacement. I would agree that DDY and his band do a better job of staying true to the matetial. But again, becuase it's not the three of them together it's not exactly the same. I have found it hard to have an interest in TS' solo stuf
  6. So I just ordered the box set and it shipped today. I ordered it from Elusive disc since they have a good sale price on it right now. They are out of stock as of now but, if you are interested in getting this the price may be worth the wait for them to have it restocked. Here's a link: http://www.elusivedisc.com/Styx-The-AM-Albums-1975-1984-180g-9LP-Box-Set/productinfo/AMLP71988/
  7. Your reply almost seems like a list of reasons to shut down the site.
  8. Someone posted a link to this on another site. It's a Styx tribute band doing Grove of Eglantine. as the keyboardist comments, to the best of his knowledge, Styx never performed this song live. Check it out, it's fun. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iW2lPsKBt5Y
  9. Maybe DDY changed the lyric from the original. He has done that. Just listen to some of the Huntchback performances on Youtube and compare them to the CD version he did.
  10. Since it has been so dead around here it makes me think that no one is interested in discussing DDY and what he is doing these days. I question whether anybody here has been going to see his shows since their not posting about it here. It's sad. The irony of it is that DDY has recently become more active online then he has been in the past. Maybe even that is too late.
  11. So has anybody here seen DDY's show since the new drummer has been in the band? If so, what are your thoughts?
  12. it's intersting that he left Respect Me off the U.S. relaease instead of just leaving it on there with the other songs added.
  13. Congrats DDY. As always, it is great that you are still bringing us the joy of your music. Hope that you will be bringing us new music in the very near future! Hope you are having "The Best of Times" on your birthday.
  14. I really enjoy heaing about what's behind the creation of his songs. It's also great to see him being active on posting to his FB page. Based on his commnets in the past about the internet in general I wouldn't have expected him to be doing so.
  15. Wonder if this is just a short term solution while he seeks out a permanent replacement? Since I didn't see anything from those shows, I have no idea what the guy filling in is like.
  16. Well that seems to clarify the what is happening. This is a shame. Hopefully Dennis will be able to find a replacement that is as good as Tom was.
  17. I think it was in a comment posted by someone on DDY's Facebook page. A Facebook user that is and not DDY.
  18. It is disappointing when this type of thing happens. But as you said you would rather see DDY doinf his thing at 100%. Nothings worse then seeing an artist struggle through a performance just because he\she is obligated to. On a side note, I read somewhere online that Tom Sharpe was going to be absent from the band for a while. Not sure if this is true or if it releated to these postponed shows.
  19. This article focuses on DDY's statement that because of Babe, bands like Journey and Foreigner were able to do "straight ballads" and still have careers. What do you think? http://somethingelsereviews.com/2015/01/09/styx-dennis-deyoung-journey-foreigner/
  20. Here is a new interview Dennis did for Hinsdale Magazine. https://issuu.com/hinsdalemagazine/docs/hmjan2015_9b363dd6417b3b/1?e=0
  21. They certainly need DDY more when it comes to sync rights approval. When speaking in terms of being able to tour and sell tickets that's a different story. They have shown it's not the same case when it comes to that. Whether they are as good as they were with DDY is a personal prefrence. From a business stand point, his outsing has not effected Styx on a large scale. This is mainly due to the fact that casual fans, which is their core fanbase at the moment, doesn't care if the band is all original. Their blocking the rights for RTP exposes what kind of people they really are. They seem to be
  22. I would agree that it is his strongest solo release to date. Rubicon is one of my favs off that album. Speaking about the two versions of this release, does anyone feel one is better then the other? It is interesting that DDY went and changed it in between the releases. If he does decide to make another ablum, I would not mind him doing it in the "Styx style". I believe he could pull it off without it seeming like a weaker attempt then OYFN.
  23. When it comes to this type of thing, all writers involved in the material have to agree. So it was either TS, JY or both that would not approve it. As to why, it is anyone's guess. Personally, I can not see where it was going to give DDY some kind of advantage over the current Styx. It seems to me they will always have the major advantage over DDY simply because they own the Styx name. Some may say it is because DDY's perofrmance comes off better then the current Styx'. If that is the reason, then I would say that his former band mates are very insecure.
  24. Well if that is the case, it's a two way street. Meaning, the next time TS and JY have to come to DDY for a similar request , maybe DDY won't be so quick to grant permission. For example let's say that they want to sync CSA. This situation is just so petty. Especially, at this stage.
  25. Correct me if I'm wrong, I had the undrstanding that the publishing company represents the artist(s) and the artist(s) don't always get directly involved. So could it be possible this did not come directly form TS or JY?
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