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      Unreleased album released never. Recorded 1991

    After the Edge of the Century tour the members of Styx started working on a new album. But A&M Records, who had been purchased by PolyGram in 1989, was disappointed with sales, and dropped Styx from the label. Styx recorded a nine song demo to shop around to get signed to another label. But the music had changed in the early 90's, and the music of Styx just didn't fit with Nirvana and Pearl Jam. Nobody was interested. Styx would do nothing until A&M wanted to release a Greatest Hits album in 1995, and Styx reunited with Tommy Shaw to record a new version of Lady for that collection.

    The demo recording has become a bit of Styx lore. Known by fans as Son of Edge or Edge of the Century II. Some of the songs have been recorded for solo artist releases. Several are still unreleased. It is unknown if the nine songs were going to end up on a final release, or if the track sequencing was what it would be on a final release.



    1. It Takes Love to Make Love (Bob Burger, Glen Burtnik) - Released as It Takes Love on Greatest Hits Part 2. The released version is the demo with Tommy's vocals added. Glen's vocals are said to have been removed, but that is not confirmed
    2. Nothing In Common (Dennis DeYoung) - unreleased
    3. Love on My Mind (Glen Burtnik, Rick Neigher) - Glen originally wrote the song for Rod Stewart who never recorded it. Unreleased
    4. Watching the World Go By (Bob Burger, Glen Burtnik) - released on the Glen Burtnik album Palookaville
    5. Beneath the Moon (Dennis DeYoung) - released on the Dennis DeYoung album Boomchild
    6. All For Love (Dennis DeYoung, Glen Burtnik) -  Was performed live at several Dennis DeYoung concerts that were promoted as "Lost Treasures" shows. Special guest Glen Burtnik joined Dennis and his band (Dennis called them "Denny and Glenny" shows). Other than these few performances, the song officially remains unreleased
    7. Devil In Me (Bob Burger, Glen Burtnik) - unreleased
    8. Someday We'll Fly (Dennis DeYoung) - unreleased
    9. Don't Give Up on Me (Glen Burtnik, Plink Giglio) - released on the Glen Burtnik album Retrospectacle

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