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What were you doing on 7/7/77 when GI was released?

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God I dont remeber where I was... for pete sake I dont remember where I was 7/7/08, 07, 06, 05, 04 etc.... what do you think this is MENSA?


I do remember the first time I heard the "album"... yup the actual vinyl disc thingie... Was at a friends house down the street... I was 15... His mom brought him albums... I never had my own cause he had them... soooo, I could ask for other stuff :) I already liked Styx from hearing Equinox and Crystal ball... GI really pushed Styx up to one of my fav's though...


I never brought albums... the first music I bought myself was 8-tracks for my car in 79... and the first concert I ever saw was the conerstone tour 79...




aka Doug

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