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Petition to Induct Styx into the R&RHOF


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Hello all, hope everyone is well. I am part of a group of Styx fans on FB that have gotten together to create a petition campaign to get Styx inducted into The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.  We have a petition up on change.org and would like to ask everyone here to sign it.  Since posting it a few days ago we have already gathered 600 plus signatures. We truly believe that if Styx fans collectively support this petition campaign we will be successful at pressuring the hall to give Styx the recognition they truly deserve. We also have a FB group called High Time for Styx to help people get updates on our progress as well as other related information. Everyone is welcome to join this group. Below is a link to the petition on change.org.



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To those still visiting this forum, we are successfully building signatures on our petition.  We need everyone's support to make this a success. So if you haven't yet signed the petition I am asking you to please do so. Additionally, we have a FB group and a public community page to keep people informed on our campaign. Below are the respective links, please check them out and follow!





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