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I can do it in 2: William Shatner was on "T.J. Hooker" With Heather Locklear who in turn was in "The Perfect Man" with Dennis  :P

Robin  :ph34r:

See now I was trying to work it from a Star Trek angle (and obviously couldn't). Forgot all about the TJ Hooker.


Way to go, Robin!

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How does the gallant Captain connect with Dennis? Robin, this one's for you :)




Well, not only am I not Robin, but I'm also late. Here's my solution:


1) Will Shatner played opposite Patrick Stewart in "Generations"

2) Patrick Stewart played opposite Marina Sirtis in "Generations"

3) Marina Sirtis played opposite Amick Byram in Star Trek TNG episode "Dark Page"

4) Amick Byram has performed with DDY at several shows.


You could eliminate one step as both Will Shatner & Marina Sirtis were in "Generations", but since they didn't share any scenes...well I can be pretty anal sometimes! ;)



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