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After seeing both Dennis and Styx this past 12 months - I wanted to just comment on how I feel today.


1.  I am a die-hard Styx fan - love the band in all incarnations.  Having said that - at this point, my favorite band members are Tommy, Ricky, and Todd (and Chuck when he shows up).


2.  Dennis DeYoung and his band do a better job at most the songs - and I would pay to see them over Styx given the choice.


3.  I know Tommy is working on an "Americana" solo album - and am looking forward to that.  I would also like to see Shaw Blades do another record.


4.  While the concerts cater to the mass audience - new music is something I will always crave.  I've heard there is the possibility of a new Dennis DeYoung (hopefully with the band) project.  I've heard the current Styx are working on new material (but am not holding my breath).


The small world of music as I've come to know it.  It all started with Styx - and when Glen came in, I noticed Bob Burger wrote with him.  So Glen, Bob Burger, and David Anthony (along with John Merjave) are in a band called The Weeklings.  Also - a few times a month - Jimmy L performs with Bob Burger.    Maybe Dennis will guest on a Weeklings album?  Speaking of The Weeklings - their first label release is out, and they are working on a second album right now.


In any case - the bottom line is - I'm not in favor of a Styx reunion, unless it is at the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame (again don't hold your breath).


Just some ramblings....



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I also am a die hard Styx fan but,  I never really liked the current version of Styx. I don't care for Gowan's performance on DDY's material and I feel that Todd over complicates things. Add to that, there was something special about the colaboration between DDY, JY and TS. With DDY out of the picture I feel something is lost. You can't recreate it with a replacement. I would agree that DDY and his band do a better job of staying true to the matetial. But again, becuase it's not the three of them together it's not exactly the same.


I  have found it hard to have an interest in TS' solo stuff since the split. Mainly due to how they treated DDY. They chose making money over the health and welfare of a band mate. That to to me speaks volumes to who they are as human beings. While I am hopeful for new material from DDY, I'm not sure about his motivation to do it. That is based on his comments about the offer from Frontiers. So we will see. As far as new material from the current Styx, I could care less about it. Again, with the absencse of DDY it won't be the same. That's not to say the music would be bad. Just not my cup of tea. Anyway, when it comes to new material from them, they have been like the boy who cried wolf. I think they are mainly content to touring the back catalog and the money that brings. Which I think is why there has been very very little new output from them.


As far as a reunion goes, I feel the same. If it did happen, I think it would be purely for the money aspect. I think it's clear that they are unable to get past the problems they had together for it to be a true reunion.

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So true that Tommy and JY chose money over Dennis. And this trend that they're re-recording the Styx catalog bit by bit really makes me sick. It's not like what Dennis did, which was release a live album with all of the hits performed...No, these are studio re-recordings designed (in my opinion) to cut Dennis out of some of the proceeds from the sale of these crappy remakes (and besides, how many live albums has Styx released since 1999?)...


Dennis has made it clear that he would re-join the band if it was offered, and if that is what he wants, I can't wish against it. For my tastes though, I prefer Dennis solo at this point. It's a better show than the Styx shows I've seen (all with Dennis...I won't go if he's not there) and honestly, August sounds better vocally than Tommy these days. Plus, they're all a great bunch of guys and they're clearly having fun.

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