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I'm kind of surprised that this wasn't mentioned here. But back in early April on his Facebook page, Dennis mentioned that Universal Records, who I guess is in control of the classic Styx albums now, is going to be reissuing All of the A&M Styx albums from Equinox-Caught in the Act on vinyl. The set is expected to be launched on May 12th according to this one website, which I'll post the link. No word on why Edge was left out. They will be released both in a box set as well as individually. I'm sure Best Buy will be a place to go to find them, but so far nothing has been said for that either. Here is that link:




He took it off for some reason, but when he posted this, I think it was an interview and in said interview he said that he was also in the early stages for a new album of his own.

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So I just ordered the box set and it shipped today. I ordered it from Elusive disc since they have a good sale price on it right now. They are out of stock as of now but, if you are interested in getting this the price may be worth the wait for them to have it restocked.  Here's a link:



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