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Favorite DDY song on each Styx Album

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So I thought I'd go through and pick my favorite DDY songs on the Styx albums out there he is on.....and see what everyone else's are:


Wooden Nickel records

Styx (aka Styx 1):  Best Thing is really the only choice here, but it IS the best song on the album!

Styx II:  Lady is the obvious choice - and it is my favorite.  Earl of Roseland would be my second choice.

The Serpent is Rising:  The Grove of Eglantine - always thought this was a great song.

Man of Miracles:  I would choose Unfinished Song, truly a great song, but from the original release?  Christopher Mr. Christopher


A&M records

Equinox:  The obvious choice would be Suite Madam Blue, or maybe even Light Up or Lorelie.   I like Lonely Child the best.

Crystal Ball:  Mademoiselle by far and away (in my opinion)

The Grand Illusion:  Come Sail Away for sure!

Pieces of Eight:  Probably the title track.....then I'm O.K.

Cornerstone:  Why Me (that's what I want to know - you know what I mean)!

Paradise Theatre:  Best of Times - one of my all time favorite songs.

Kilroy Was Here:  This maybe a cheesy choice - but I loved High Time...I'm probably the only one, though!

Edge of the Century:  There are 3 songs I love....Back to Chicago, All in a Day's Work, and Show Me The Way.  Really, one of my overall favorite Styx CD's


CMC International

Return to Paradise:  (the only live or greatest hits I'm listing) Paradise for sure!

Brave New World:  Two songs here - While There's Still Time (I have a tape of the original recording from the Sampler),   Goodbye Roseland - my alltime favorite Dennis song.


Ok - there you have it...my favorites - If you want any details as to what I like about a certain song - I'd be happy to expand.  What are your favorites?





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Is this written by or sang by Dennis?


Styx: Best Thing


Styx II: You Need Love


The Serpent is Rising: Jonas Psalter

Man of Miracles: Unfinished Song


Equinox: Born for Adventure - First song to prove naysayers wrong about Dennis being able to rock or not!

Crystal Ball: either Jennifer or Ballerina


The Grand Illusion: Castle Walls


Pieces of Eight: Queen of Spades - Second song to prove the naysayers wrong about Dennis not being able to rock out!

Cornerstone: Borrowed Time

Paradise Theater: Best of Times


Kilroy was Here: Mr. Roboto, with High Time being second. Until I saw it's music video, I had no clue how Don't Let it End would fit into the story of the album.


Caught in the Act: Music Time - A little curve ball here as it's the only "new" song on the CD version of this album, although the music video was included on the 2007 DVD release.


Edge of the Century: Show Me the Way, followed closely by Carrie Ann.


Greatest Hits: Lady '95 - This might be a little blasphemous, but I think this version of Lady completely trumps the original.


Brave New World: High Crimes and Misdemeanors, with Fallen Angel close behind.  

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