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Dennis DeYoung - Richardson, TX 4/23/15


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My wife and I saw Dennis DeYoung and his band in Richardson, Texas on 4/23/15.  This was a "rescheduled" show from one originally scheduled for a Friday night in January.  We had 2nd row center stage seats.  This was at a performing arts center concert hall - so most of the music we heard that close came from the monitors the musicians were using, and not from the sound system pointed back beyond our seats.  For that reason alone - some of the "in song" quips I couldn't hear clearly.   Beyond that - this concert was OUTSTANDING.  This is the first time I've gotten to see Dennis actually live in over a decade.  Oh how I've missed his voice!


I got to hear some really great songs too!  Mr. Roboto, Desert Moon, Suite Madam Blue, Babe - all the songs you miss!  He even snuck in a little bit of "sing for the day" keys during one of the songs (I don't remember which one) - I think that was stuck in there just for we die hard fans!


Speaking of die-hard fans.  I've always considered myself one - I know all the history - grew up with the band, took sides during the break ups, cried when I heard about John - etc. etc.  I felt like I was a Rush fan who happened into the concert last night - talk about some die-hards!  


In any case - the concert hall was almost full (which I was happy to see for a Thursday night when the weather folks were calling for severe Thunderstorms).  The crowd was into the music too!  It started right on time at 8pm and they played for 2 solid hours.  I wish they could have played for 3!!!


Dennis was in Fine voice - and looked great too!  He was his usual joking self, all the while being the bandleader he is.   I got a kick out of him playing his keys with his right hand, all the while directing himself and the band with his left hand.  I truly admire his attention to detail and perfectionism.   


The band is outstanding.  Jimmy is a guitar virtuoso, and his harmony's to Dennis on Desert Moon were awesome.  I know he does a lot of gigs in New Jersey when not with this band - I hope to get to see him at one of those too.  August can not only play guitar = he can SANG.  August is a ROCK STAR.  I am glad Dennis was able to get him to join this band, because he brings energy, and vocal/guitar talent that rivals any professional.  His chops on the "Tommy" songs (to me) pretty much equalled that of the original.   Dave Anthony is "new" to the band on drums - but you certainly couldn't tell!  He is a rock drummer, and kept the beat driving throughout.  It amazes me just how good he is!  Craig Carter is an awesome bass player - doing the calm, cool look while playing yet singing the high harmonies.  He may not jump around stage, but he is a key ingredient to this band.    One thing I noticed about this band was - there was an air of "having fun" among them all.  Being in the second row - I could see all the glances, smiles, nods as they moved around stage, and played off each other.  This was refreshing to see, and made the experience all that much more fun.


No setlist (I wasn't writing them down - just singing along).  Great concert, great music, great crowd!  I know I am preaching to the choir - so to speak - here, but DO NOT MISS this concert.  Only there will you get to hear about the latest CD that Suzanne purchased, and get to hear Dennis sing a little bit from that CD (Meghan Trainor).


I took a few pictures (though I didn't keep my phone out for most of the concert - I was there to enjoy the music).  Of course, the guy in front of me recorded every song - so I guess look for his videos on youtube.  You might hear me singing on them!!!! LOL.


In any case the photos are on my facebook page:


https://www.facebook.com/jaytlehman/posts/1462966283995149 (not sure if this will come through - if not, my facebook is /jaytlehman)

One on Instagram too:  https://instagram.com/p/11-VdGR5fd/

and I'll attach a photo here of August:  post-6485-0-57497000-1429882948_thumb.jpg


It was a fun night that I wished could have lasted longer, but loved every minute of it!







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The band does have great chemistry together, which helps make the shows so much fun. "Sing for the Day" is in the middle of the big keyboard solo near the end of "Fooling Yourself". It's a really nice touch, and I was disappointed that it wasn't included when they did the DVD, but I can understand why it was left out.

Your comment about the sound being so close is one reason why I don't like to get a seat within the first five rows: You hear the monitors instead of the sound system. Depending on the venue, you may hear from both which sounds even worse. Personally, I like about 10 rows back, if I can get a seat with good balance. Otherwise, depending on the venue, I'll sit near the sound board because I know that's where it will sound the best.


Glad you had a great time

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