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DDY: "Journey and Foreigner owe it to Styx"

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I would be curious if either of those bands would recognize the influence of Babe. During that time the entire industry was shifting so there were lots of influences for them moving to a ballad sound that gave Dont Stop Believin and I wanna know what love is. But considering Styx was the first in their genre to do it, its clear that Styx directly influenced them. At least with what i see reading rock history and such, so correct me if i'm wrong!

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There are those that argue that Kiss' "Beth" was the first ballad to be a hit for a hard rock band. Meatloaf's "Two Out of Three Ain't Bad" also could be considered a ballad, Kansas' "Dust in the Wind" as well. I'm sure there are others as well from the 70's, but there were all pretty isolated in comparison to one another. I think that "Babe" transformed the ballad into something new that not only was extremely successful, but was something that the listening audience really wanted as the style of music was shifting from the prog-rock sounds of the latter 70's to the more new wave sounds of the 80's.

I wouldn't say that it was the first ballad, but it was the first to make a lasting impact on the entire music genre.

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