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Interview on AXS site

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Here's a link to an interview on AXS' site. According to Dennis it was actually done for Guitar World.




This year marks the 30th anniversary of your first solo album, "Desert Moon". Can you tell me the origin of that song?


I was originally one of the songwriters who had been asked to toss a song in for a movie called "Dune", which was based on a science fiction novel and included references to a desert with two moons. But as I was writing it, I suddenly got word that they weren't looking for songs anymore. So I said, "Ok", and then started to think more about deserts and moons. “Desert Moon” is obviously a metaphor for lost innocence. When I look at the lyric to that song, it's very poignant now. It really captures the spirit of the loss of time and the passage of innocence. How those wondrous moments go by so quickly and the struggle to recapture it is something that human beings have been dealing with since the beginning of time. The gathering scene in the video beautifully portrays that idealized moment in time.



I don't recall DDY mentioning before that he was asked to write material for the movie "Dune".  So I found this tid bit interesting.

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