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...Live from Los Angeles Review: More of the same? No way.

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DDY version of Rockin' the Paradise blows any other version of that song away. Currently, the band performing as Styx using RTP as a part of their encore. Could their version be that poor in comparison to the DDY version?

Dennis could deny any video of his songs for any future Styx release, and it is my understanding that there will be one next year. Although they won't admit it publicly, (and questionable if they will even admit it to themselves), Styx needs Dennis far more than Dennis needs them. I admit I like to go a little bit deeper than the hits, but a video release with only two hits on it is not going to sell.

But, I honestly think that he will not "return the favor" by not giving permission for his songs. I think he will. Why? Because he cares about the Styx brand name like he has for his entire career. I think the music is more important than the petty bullshit.


They certainly need DDY more when it comes to sync rights approval. When speaking in terms of being able to tour and sell tickets that's a different story. They have shown it's not the same case when it comes to that.  Whether they are as good as they were with DDY is a personal prefrence. From a business stand point, his outsing has not effected Styx on a large scale. This is mainly due to the fact that casual fans, which is their core fanbase at the moment, doesn't care if the band is all original. Their blocking the rights for RTP exposes what kind of people they really are. They seem to be insecure, petty and vindictive. JY comes to mind more so then TS on this topic.

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To get back on topic, I think the Live In LA DVD and CD are great.  What you don't hear, however, is what I did at the filming of the show--the crowd.  They were singing so loudly at times they nearly

To get back on topic, I think the Live In LA DVD and CD are great.  What you don't hear, however, is what I did at the filming of the show--the crowd.  They were singing so loudly at times they nearly drowned out the band.  The entire show was extremely loud, and in that tiny venue the crowd nearly overpowered the band with their singing.  Crystal Ball is a good example, where the crowd started singing it with August.  Fortunately, this crowd had really good harmony. 


I have to say it's interesting to see the recording of this show since I saw it in person.  Well worth the trip to that smog-choked earthquake-prone almost foreign-country feeling city.  It was weird seeing newspaper vending machines with papers in Korean, and business signs in Hebrew, Arabic, and Ethiopian to name a few of the ones we saw on our trip.

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The sound of the audience can be a tough thing to manage on a live recording. First, it depends on how many (and where) microphones are to pick up the audience. The other main part is how this audio is then added into the mix of  the performers onstage. Plus, the speed of sound also has to be considered. If everything ends up in sync then it sounds good. If it gets out of sync by even a little bit, it would sound bad.


Also the audio was mixed twice. The first version Dennis did not care for, and it is my understanding that the second try was rushed due to production deadlines. The final product sounds very good, but to people that have seen the show multiple times, there are a few things missing that just got lost in the mix.

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