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UCR Interview October 2014

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I think this is a really good article. I found a lot of the comments that he makes to be more in depth than his usual answers to the questions. Especially his comments about how he focus on melody, i never heard that in one of his interview before that i can remember, and myself being someone who is going for a degree in music and engineering appreciated it, because i really like melody. 


His comments on the music industry are also newish and as usual i enjoy what he has to say. 


Also he basically confirms a new album in the next few years! 

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I find it interesting when talking about a new album.  I have mixed feelings about DDY and trying to sound like Styx and not.  I LOVED Hunchback, 10 on Broadway, and even his 101 Dalmatians music.  I also LOVE his solo songs.  I thought of 100 years as DDY not as Styx - but with that Styx feel.  I want him to do an album HE thinks is good music...  no matter the "supposed" style.  I trust his taste! 

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