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DDY Keswick Theater Show Review

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I posted this review in another forum. This site was down at the time. At least I wasn't able to get on it. So here is what I posted on the other site.


So, I had the chance to see DDY's show at the Keswick Theater in Glenside, PA this past Thursday. The last time I had seen a DDY show was in 2010 so it had been awhile. The Keswick is a good place to see a show since the venue has good acoustics. The only thing is they really need to do is renovate the place. It needs new seating among other things. I was surprised at how this venue has been let go. Especially since AEG is operating it.

As usual, DDY did not disappoint. They put on a very high energy show and the band was tight. Seeing clips on YT does not give justice to how good a band DDY has put together. The show was well paced, with the slower material put in just the right spots. I liked the newer lighting design which consisted of a lighted riser. DDY's voice was as powerful as ever. The set list consisted of the following:

The Grand Illusion
Blue Collar Man
Desert Moon
Mr. Roboto
Fooling Yourself
Don't Let It End
Suite Madame Blue
Too Much Time on My Hands
Rockin' The Paradise
Best of Times
Come Sail Away

I was surprised that SMTW was not in the set as well as CB. I really enjoyed the reworked versions of Desert Moon with the extended guitar solo and RTP with Jimmy and August trading off solos. I also loved the acoustic version of DLIE. Some interesting things that I observed that night was the crowd's reaction to Babe and DLIE. In other threads here people have commented that fans don't seem to want to hear those songs as much and how they are forgotten since radio does not play them anymore. Those two songs got more applause and crowd reaction then others in the set. So, I think the common perception from a casual fan standpoint is the reverse. Meaning that the casual fan is interested in hearing those songs since they don't hear them on the radio all the time. The other thing is the whole debate of just which act better represents Styx' music. Frankly, I think it comes down to which one you are seeing. When your seeing the current Styx you'll get the response that they do when talking to other fans. When you are seeing DDY you get the complete opposite response. So to me you can't use it as bench mark as to which is the most accurate answer.

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Sorry about the site being down. I've been having some issues and working on them.


Not sure what is going on with the set list omissions of Crystal Ball and Show Me the Way. Don't Let it End was not supposed to be in the set that night, either.

The new lighting is great, and I think helps with the show a lot. Glenside had just a portion of the new lights that I had seen in Chicago. Glenside is also hard to light because any time you bring the stage lights up to make it bright, it reflects on the light colored walls and makes it look like the house lights are on. Matt does a good job of trying to control this the best that he can.


Your observation on the crowd reaction is right on the money. The songs that the current version of Styx feel that "nobody wants to hear" get great reactions from the crowd. Babe and [/iMr. Roboto[/i] get some of the largest reactions during the set; and I have heard people talking after the show about how great it was to hear those songs.


That being said, though, I wish there would be more variety in the setlist. Dennis has a fantastic catalog of music, and it is a shame that we only get to hear the same 15 songs all of the time. After the DVD/TV promotion is done I would like to see the return of the "lost treasures" show, even if the likelihood of that happening is zero. Of course, it could be argued that compared to Dennis' Greatest Hits tour, the Styx tour consists of lost treasures.

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What were some of the songs he did in the lost treasures show? I remember hearing something about it once, was that the show he played some songs with Glen off of Edge of the Century II? 

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You are correct. Also songs like First Time and Borrowed Time, and Best Thing from Styx I.

But the options for additional songs like these is much greater now. Castle Walls (I believe) hasn't been done with the current band. Other songs like Boat on the River, solo material like Harry's Hands or something from 100 Years would work, too.

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