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Hell has frozen over slightly

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When Kilroy was first discussed, MTV was still a few years away. The potential was there for a successful project.



Were they talking Kilroy before Cornerstone and Paradise Theater? I ask only because MTV started broadcasting in August '81 and 'a few years away' predates those 2 albums. Although it might explain DeYoung's brief ouster from the group.



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I'm probably alone in thinking this, but I think that Kilroy was Here is an absolute master piece. The story is so good, even with the offerings from the lip-biting Tommy Shaw and JY (they never really gave much information on how John and Chuck felt about how the band was going at the time, that I've seen) but every song plays out it's roll in the album and it makes it easier to understand if you rearrange the songs on it. On my MP3 player I can do that very easily. Looking at the liner notes gives a big clue on what would go where if you were to rearrange them. I think it helps make the story flow better doing this (yes I over think things a lot, lol). But here is how I think the story flows better:


Heavy Metal Poisoning - As in the liner notes, it starts by explaining Dr. Righteous' point of view on the evils of rock music and how they want to erase it from people by "twisting their minds".


Double Life - I think this comes next in light of Kilroy being accused of murder of the Righteous supporter, I also think this is where Kilroy is actually captured.


Don't Let it End - All of my thoughts on this comes from seeing the music video of it on the Caught in the Act DVD released in 2007. It is about Kilroy spending his life behind bars hoping that his love outside will forgive his mistakes. It takes place in Kilroy's cell and in the eating area (minus the tables) of the prison.


Cold War - This is Jonathon gaining up the courage to start his underground movement to free Kilroy and have him join in the fight.


Just Get Through this Night - I say this is next because of the whispering in the very early parts of the song between Jonathan and Kilroy, and I believe it is their way of Chance jamming the airwaves to get Kilroy to realize that there ARE people that still care about Rock and other freedoms of expression that the MMM is challenging.


HIgh Time - This is Kilroy gaining the confidence to try and free himself from the prison, realizing that the answer to escape was in the prison the whole time....the Roboto guards.


Mr. Roboto - To me this song carries two things that carry the story. This is Kilroy, not only carrying out his escape from prison, but also it's all of the thoughts running through Kilroy's mind as he is going through with this plan. Trying to work out how he is going to explain to people, namely Jonathan, who he really is, and why he is doing this.


Haven't We Been Here Before - Since Kilroy meets up with Jonathan in Mr. Roboto, that makes so much sense that this goes next since both Tommy and Dennis sing on it. Every other song up through Mr. Roboto is from one persons prespective, but HWBHB has two prespectives, both Kilroy and Jonathan.


Don't Let it End (Reprise) - Since Jonathan is the rebel leader it only makes sense that he takes lead in the charge to "Keep rock and roll alive!".


Plus I think it is amazing how Dennis (and the rest of Styx) correctly predicted a lot with this album. "The Problem's plain to see, too much technology. Machines to save our lives, machines dehumanize" and every day some where in the world, and here in the United States, we are still having freedoms of expression challenged and taken from us. So that is why I think Kilroy was Here is a master piece. Again, I probably over think things, but it keeps me sane and it makes my mind work.


The current Styx doing Just Get Through this Night is cool, like I said, but it still really doesn't change how I feel about how they decided to move on without Dennis.

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I don't consider it a masterpiece but I thought it was very good. Your right about the subject matter being ahead of it's time. Especially the topic of censorship of music. This was way before the PMRC came up with a rating system for albums and Congress actually holding hearings on the matter. I have always come away with the feeling that it was missing something. Which is understandable due to the lack of support Dennis had from the others. The interesting thing about how JY and TS talk about how they didn't agree with the direction the band was going but, I never heard them give specifics of what they offered up as an alternative. All you get is "we wanted to rock".

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