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Has anyone heard this?

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A few days ago someone posted a link on the Styx facebook page to a reviewer site that was reviewing a recent conecrt Dennis did in Nashville. I was reading through the comments and a couple of them caught my eye and I thought I would bring them here and give us something new to chew on for a little bit. To set up the scene here is the first one:


From a guy named Ed Merritt:


DeYoung is such an egomaniac


Some named Eric Chenault responed:


Well the replacement DeYoung that Styx has now looks like a cocky arrogant egomanic too. He's creepy.



These next two are the ones I'm talking about, the second one more so though.


David Rathbun


If you think that you don't know anything about Tommy Shaw or James Young. I have met James Yong and he truly beliieves he is a guitar god. No one would even know who these two guys are if it wasn't for DeYoung driving force in Styx. They are touring on the music that DeYoung wrote, produced and arranged. Tommy Shaw is not even an original member of Styx. I heard rumors that Chuck Panozzo even wanted the guys to consider getting DeYoung back in the band before any one else passes on and they are lost forever. It is a F'ing crime what Young and Shaw got away with in taking that band name from DeYoung. They should actually be the two members having to tour as the Music of Styx. DeYoung put out a great solo album called 100 years from now that sounds more like Classic Styx than what Young and Shaw are shoveling out on stage on a nightly basis.



Eric Peyton Christian Smith


David Rathbun Hate to tell you this David, but you are actually wrong on two fronts. First off, Panozzo wants NOTHING to do with DeYoung because of how Dennis wrote him off after learning he was HIV positive. Basically, he told Chuck that he was no longer a member of the band. In fact, they were never all that close. Secondly, Shaw and DeYoung have spoken a few times in the past 3 or 4 years and have actually been able to put their differences behind them. James Young has always been an a-hole, so I wont even comment on that.



Has anyone EVER heard of Dennis saying anything like this to or about Chuck? And the thing about Dennis and Tommy being able to put the past behind them?


It's on http://ultimateclassicrock.com/dennis-deyoung-2013-concert-review/ if you want to read it for yourself or the review itself.

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As a far as egoes, they all have one. They wouldn't have gotten where they are without one. As far as the rest of the comments, I doubt any of it is valid. The comment about Dennis and Chuck I've heard before. Of course it was always from a source that could not be verified. I'm surprised that their management hasn't removed this stuff from their page.

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Chuck has been hiv positive since 1990 so I doubt that one true. And as far as egos..they all have inflated ones..even Chuck..Would love to see a reunion but with a different drummer..Sucherman just way overplays nowadays to the point it is so annoying..like he tries to throw in as many offbeat snare hits and fills..just my opinion and taste..I'm quite happy with Dennis' band now..the best he's had just wish for new music before its too late..

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Just because someone says they know something on the internet doesn't mean that it's true.

If what they are saying is true and they respected the person that they were talking about they would keep their mouth shut to begin with.


My opinion of many of the parties involved with the name "Styx" since Dennis' dismissal has been based on their public comments and actions.


I tend not to read comments to articles so these know-it-alls don't raise my blood pressure

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