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Oscar Dreams...

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This was on DDYs facebook today....he also has a new article on the main page of his site (which was posted to FB a few days ago, but wasnt put on the website until recently)


Oscar dreams

Watching the Oscars last night was like a dagger in my heart. Once again overlooked for my performance in The Perfect Man. Oh sure Daniel Day Lewis had fake ears, a slouch, whiney voice and a big hat but lets' see him act and manage that Roboto head. Maybe next year.

Seth McFarlane began his career with radio bits, one of which referred to me as a disguised disgruntled caller on a radio talk show complaining about Kiss. When the host recognizes my voice he calls me a high pitched voice bastard. Funny stuff. He has graduated to insulting real celebrities. The last song broke the show biz rule of better one song to little than one song too much.

No way would Hollywood let Lincoln win after all he was a Republican The movie was good but a tad reverential. It was Lincoln though.

Figures Argo would win after all the Hollywood community is the hero. I liked Argo

I am watching Silver Linings Playbook tonight.

Zero Dark Thirty was also very good but committed the sin of not ruling out torture completely. Ms Bigelow please take a seat with Mr. Eastwood.

Jessica Chastain is different in every role. Check out The Help.

Music was the highlight. Shirley Bassey nailed it. Jennifer Hudson was great though I have never liked that song, Les Miz kids were good too. Adele whom I love seemed like her voice may have been giving her problems and Norah Jones whom I also like was out of her element.

Hugh Jackman should have gotten a special award for doing two things at once - acting and singing.

Impossible to compare Lewis and Jackman they are two different animals. If Lincoln had sung Dixie instead of having the band play it... well maybe then.

Didn't see the other movies and don't know that I will.

I love the movies and the Academy Awards but by the time it was over I had to shave again, cheers ddy

On a kind of related note, has anyone seen The Perfect Man? I was playin piano for my friend at school the other day and she recognized Lady from a movie, so i guessed it was this one and she said yes and she owns it, so is it worth watching? (she offered to let me borrow it but i didnt really want to watch a chick flick alone, so i may watch it with her, but need to know if its worth my time)

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Is there a theatrical version on the DVD now? We saw APM in the theater and again on DVD a year or so later, and in the theater, we saw Suzanne very clearly several times, and in the DVD, she's been all but removed from the background. It seemed to us that the entire Kilroy scene used on the DVD was shot from a different angle than the one seen in the theater release. It was hilarious seeing Dennis playing the DDY impersonator with that oversized Roboto head!

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