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B. Miller

Eat To The Beat 2012

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I saw Dennis in New Jersey a few days before the Disney Concert, but since theres not too much i can say about that one, im just going to skip it and talk about Disney. I liked the Disney one better, even though he didnt play a few that he played in Jersey (would love to see him at that venue again, it was really nice, and wherever you sat would have given you a great seat, and i kinda feel like i didnt need to pay 300$ for front row seats, but oh well it was my first DDY concert)


So i flew down to Disney that Wednesday he was going to perform, and i got to EPCOT at about 1ish i guess, and by the time i rode Mexico and got over there it was 2ish, and there was already a line of about 10 people for the 5:30 showing, so i sat for hours on that hard concrete, and as it got closer to the show people jipped in line and i was the 30th by the time we got let in, but thats another story, which i may ramble about later.


On one of my trips to the bathroom, i passed by Tom Sharpe, but wasnt sure if it was him or not but i once i saw him on stage, i knew it was he who i passed.


The first show was pretty good, there was pretty much no between song talking on that first set, which was to be expected but the one time he did say something was when he got Suzannes age wrong, but at least it was wrong in the correct direction! He played what you would expect him to play on a 6 song set and everyone was nuts the entire time, it was pretty cool.


The second show i sat out of so i could stay in line and be in the front row for the third show (this is when i saw you Ron, id love to hear what you thought of the show since i could only hear it, and barley that since i was talking to people in line), evidentaly floridians go to these shows all the time, and people save each other spots in line and such all the time, and the people i was talking with were not happy at the people in front of us who kept jipping.


Then the third show, for that night, what an amazing show, by this time all of us had already seen him at least in one of the other shows that night (as heard by the roar of the crowd when he asked us) and so it was much more relaxed than the first show. I got front row on this,but i was a bit too far to the left, but it was still a great seat. We sang happy birthday to Suzanne and he sang some song i never heard before about being 64, my mom said it was before either of our times. Then he asked if we would rather hear Suite Madame Blue of Sail Away, and, honestly after rewatching the recording, Sail Away was clearly the winner, but he sang Madame Blue instead, which is what i voted for. Oh and i got Dennis's setlist for that third show, which i thought was cool.


The second day i didnt want to wait in line forever and had reservations at the coral reef at 3 (great food btw, especially for someone who has a TON of food restrictions such as myself, damn Crohns disease) so i got the band for Chase holders that allowed me to get 'priority seating', so me, being the crafty thinker i am, wanted the seats RIGHT in front of the piano for the third show, so i had my mother wait in the big line at the first show so she would be in the front for the second show and just keep waiting for the third show, she doesn't like concerts anyway so she didnt mind. In that line i met someone that was at the Reading Styx show, about 2 people in front of me, and so that was funny and i saved her seats then for that third show, but anyway, we got let in first, and out 'priority seats' ended up sucking and being farther back than if we waited in line, so when they released the big line and they all came in we were allowed to run up and get better seats, which we did. I met Jimmy that day, and the sound guy told me hed get me Augusts pick at the show ( i told him i got Jimmys at the New Jersey show) and during that first show, Jimmy saw me in the crowd and yelled hey at me, which was pretty awesome, well didnt yell, more mouthed it but you get the idea.


I sat out that second show with my mother and got front row for the third, which was kind of a mistake being sooooo close to the piano, because i didnt get good camera footage, but it was cool when Dennis pointed at me during Too Much Time (ironic that i had been to EVERY show, and clearly DID have waaaay too much time on my hands haha), but then at that show the sound guy got me Augusts pick (he noticed me and asked, i didnt go and bother him about it, i dont like to be rude). But that third show was AMAZING.



Eat To The Beat was an amazing experience, a great way to spend my 18th birthday, in my favorite place on earth, seeing the person, who is probably the most influential person in my life. (my future plans involve bio/mechanical engineering, and i want to focus on robotic prosthetics.....so roboto had to be some influence there, plus his music has guided me through every moment in my life, from the happy to the sad, no one else has come close to influencing me more). I really hope he does this next year. I heard from the people there that some of the people that wouldnt be invited back are people such as Eddie Money, who stayed on stage waaay to long and cursed, and Dennis didnt even say Hell in Grand Illusion, he left it up to us like usual, but his response was just "i dont know, who are you?", the only comment that was a bit iffy was when he asked if it was getting warmer to us (which i agreed but my mother strongly disagreed) and said he may just take all his clothes off...and that that would be a Grand Illusion, which was hillarious and the crowd was dying, but i dont know what the folks at Disney thought, but honestly it wasnt that bad so i assume he will get invited again. He drew a huge crowd, the area holds 2700 i think one guy said, and it was packed.


After that first show on the second day, i went to the bathroom and people were commenting on the show and wondering if he was gonna play the same stuff, and me being there the previous day opened my big mouth and let everyone know what he was probably going to play....which got me mistaken for someone who worked with the band, and got tons of more questions asked too. One guy said that he was a big fan when he was younger (he was probably only in his early 30s) and it was by chance he was there and saw he was playing and asked if he would do Pieces of Eight, which surprised me, thats not one that usually comes to mind when people want to hear the more obscure stuff.


The people i became friends with in line the second day, when the guy went out to smoke, he was talking to the photographer and the Disney people were messing with Dennis's stuff and that why during the first show on the second day, Jimmys guitar didnt work right away and something was wrong with Dennis Keyboards. Which during the Jersey show his top keyboard wasnt working right and during Fooling Yourself i could see his face was frustrated and he was clicking some buttons but before the solo, he quick switched to the big yamaha, and the Disney shows he was using a different top keyboard. He also evidentally bit his lip during one of the first songs at Jersey, my dad saw him, but i didnt notice. Not sure why i mention this, just a random thing he noticed.



One thing about the Jersey show, i wish he would have had better merchandise, i thought it was REALLY lacking, i got the book (which to my surprise was signed, so that was cool) and a Dennis DeYoung shirt in the style of the Styx logo, that was kind of ehh, but really wanted a shirt and dont like babe all that much to get that shirt.

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