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1/18/08 Fort Lauderdale Show

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(Apologize for the delay in getting my review posted)


Dennis played at the Broward Center for Performing Arts in Fort Lauderdale on Friday January 18th. It is a fairly new facility - I had not been to downtown Fort Lauderdale in a couple years, that Riverwalk area has been revitalized and it was nice.


I had seats 10 rows back from the stage, it was excellent. They opened with Grand Illusion, then did Desert Moon - with Tom doing a really cool extended guitar solo at the end. Castle Walls was awesome, and they did Pieces Of Eight - one of my favorite Dennis songs - with a really nice Orchestra Section in the middle. They did most of the standard show stuff - Rick Snyder played the piano along with the Orchestra. I did not know who the woman singer that was at the show, she was not listed in the artist section of Dennis website. Amick Byrum sang along with Dennis on Ave Maria and With Every Heartbeat and was fantastic. He has an amazing voice. When they did Heartbeat - the very end they reversed with Dennis singing the secondary parts (like Mike Eldred did on the DVD). They also had another guitar player - again - he was not listed on the website either.


Speaking of Amazing Voices - I have seen STYX about 15 times over my life and I have never heard Dennis sing better. He was powerful and right on pitch. It was an impressive display of some great singing.


He did an all English version of One Hundred Years From Now - it was awesome! Can't wait for the English version on CD. They did Private Jones - since I had only heard it that one time, I don't remember it well - other than the fact that it was a kick-ass rock song. As someone stated - they redid the last chorus and ride-out sections after they finished the song, because Dennis said they messed up a part. I wished they did some more new ones, like Breathe Again and Rain.


Dennis was very entertaining and talked to the crowd alot. The place was sold out - most people were STYX fans, and liked all of the Classics like Lady and Babe, Don't Let It End, Come Sail Away and the Best Of Times. The crowd sang along with all of those - and Dennis said how well we all sang. He said that in the 70 times he has done this show - this time when they did Lady - everyone kept right on singing the Lady Choruses right through the Ballero part at the end. It was pretty cool.


He remarked that he always enjoys Florida - especially since it was 5 degrees when they left Chicago that morning and we were having our normally perfect weather (it was 82 that day). It was Dennis and Suzanne's Anniversary - and when he did Babe - they did a little dance together during the middle instrumental section.


My personal thoughts of the show - the theatre setting is a great place for the show. There were things I did not like. The Rock band music was really loud (which as a musician I personally liked) but it drownded out the Orchestra. The Orchestra could only be heard when the band wasn't playing fully, like in the quieter parts and Orchestra Sections. It was not balanced like the DVD. Also the band in parts was the loudest thing - sometimes over Dennis voice too. The quality and acoustics were great, just balancing. It could be that I was so close to the Stage - perhaps it was better in the back of the theatre.


The show started a little after 8pm and they took a 20 minute intermission at 9:30pm. The show ended at 11pm with Come Sail Away as the Encore. As I talked with people during the intermission, I mentioned if they did not have the new 100 Years From Now CD (they were selling the Canadian Import at the show) that it was his best solo album for sure (IMO) and to buy it!


When I get a chance to see Dennis again - I will. I loved the show!



Delray Beach, FL

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Thanks for the great review! Loved hearing it was sold out! :)


Dennis' backing singer is Kate Milan. He has been having Jimmy Leahy as his second guitarist when Glen Burtnik does not play a show with him.


I really like how Dennis and Amick sing Ave Maria together. NICE sound to those two voices.


Way to go encouraging folks to buy the album!! =D> It is worth every penny.


I am one who hopes he will include more from the album in his shows once the album is released here in the US. He has already played "Save Me" "This Time Next Year" and "100 Years" in his sets, so I am hoping he will slot those in again.

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