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Clearwater, FL Show

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Saw the show in Clearwater last night and here is the review as promised.


Nightranger opened and played for about an hour. Sang most of their hits with the exception of "You Can Still Rock in America" which surprised me. They sang a new song from their upcoming album to be released at the end of March, early April. No mention of Tommy Shaw or Shaw/Blades. Jack did mention Damn Yankees. They had problems with the sound balance during most of the show and on many songs the vocals sounded garbled.


Dennis came out and his voice was spot on as normal. He sang a shorter set than normal which was the only disappointment.


Here is the set list:

1. Grand Illusion

2. Lady

3. Lorelei

4. Don't Let It End

5. Show Me the Way

6. Light Up

7. Mr. Roboto

8. 100 Years from Now

9. Castle Walls

10. Rockin' the Paradise

11. Suite Madame Blue

12. Babe (mentioned his anniversary the day before)

13. Best of Times/A.D. 1958


14. Come Sail Away


He talked about the success of the record in Quebec, but made no mention of the US release date.


Kyle was back behind the drums. John was not behind the keyboards this show, and was replaced by Rick Snyder who was with the group back in 2002-2003. I like what Jimmy adds to the band on guitar. Tommy on guitar and Hank on bass as usual.


Once again, an excellent show. I only wish he would have played a few more new songs...and of course played longer.


If I didn't include something you are curious about, please ask and I will post additional comments.

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The audience was engaged in the show. Singing along, cheering etc. When Dennis asked how many people are seeing him for the first time, there seemed to be more applause then normal. Good mix of ages old to very young.


One funny thing...Dennis was talking how he was feeling he was in good voice, really hitting Suite MB dead on...all the notes, rocking away and he looks in the audience and there's a little girl sound asleep. That will keep things in perspective he says.


The show was not 100% sold out. A few empty seats in back.

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Thanks for the review. It sounds like you had a great time.

Did he mention anything about the forthcoming Hunchback production?

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