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Jacksonville 10-19 + New Drummer + Jimmy Leahy

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Glen opened the show with a solo performance of a few songs including including "Kiss your ass goodbye"

He was joined on stage by Jimmy Leahy and Kate Milan for the song "Sometimes Love Ain't Enough". Man, Kate can sing!

Glen did about 5 or 6 songs then ended his portion.

After a brief break, DDY took the stage.

Kyle has moved onto play drums for the Broadway play "Jersey Boys" running in Chicago. He was replaced by Tom Sharp.

Here is his website: <a href="http://www.tomsharpe.com/home.htm" target="_blank">http://www.tomsharpe.com/home.htm</a>

Tom did a great job replacing Kyle. I got a few seconds to ask him a few questions after the show. He was very down to earth and was happy to talk to my friends and I.

It was a normal set list for Dennis with the addition of "100 Years from now" all sung in english. The set list had "Save Me" but it did not get played. I am still waiting to hear "Rain" but due to the new members, Jimmy and Tom, the band was not ready for it.

The band was great Friday night as always. The song "Castle Walls" was really cool this show. I think it was the combination of Matthews new lighting on the front of Dennis's face with a colored spot light and Tom playing the drums.

Matthew has also added some lights behind the band for use in songs like Castle Walls and Mr. Roboto. The effect is really cool just seeing the out line of the band members, but not seeing their faces.

Dennis cracked a really funny joke about the additional new members names commenting its great to play on stage again with Tommy and James.

After the show DDY did sign about 50 autographs for those with VIP passes. He took his time and really let everyone ask a question or personalize something they brought in.

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Thanks for the review! :) It is nice to hear that the new drummer has fit in so well.


The lighting effects sound fantastic.

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A couple of years ago I ended up with a seat near the back of the hall, instead of something close to the front like I had been getting. I got an entirely new perspective of how Matt lights the show, and how it fits with the music being performed. I now try to be somewhere around 1/2 way back to enjoy both the audio and visual performances.

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