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  2. Hello Goodbye Land of the Living The Last Guitar Hero Your Saving Grace Proof of Heaven Made for Each Other There's No Turning Back Time St. Quarantine So Little Did We Know Always Time Isle of Misanthrope Gif
  3. Ron

    Unreleased Demo

    After the Edge of the Century tour the members of Styx started working on a new album. But A&M Records, who had been purchased by PolyGram in 1989, was disappointed with sales, and dropped Styx from the label. Styx recorded a nine song demo to shop around to get signed to another label. But the music had changed in the early 90's, and the music of Styx just didn't fit with Nirvana and Pearl Jam. Nobody was interested. Styx would do nothing until A&M wanted to release a Greatest Hits album in 1995, and Styx reunited with Tommy Shaw to record a new version of Lady for that collection.
  4. If I knew back then All the things I know today Baby I would not have changed one hour 'Cause I learned so much from my mistakes All the nights we cried And we prayed we'd see the morning light We never thought that we could make it And you were sure you'd never hear me say This is the time This is the moment We've waited so long Just to be standing here We had a dream We made it happen Nobody believed that we could get this far And now, I know that this is our time You n
  5. Side A Glory of Love (Theme from the Karate Kid Part II) - Peter Cetera Rock 'N' Roll Over You - The Moody Blues Fish For Life - Mancrab Rock Around the Clock - Paul Rodgers Let Me At 'Em - Southside Johnny Side B This Is the Time - Dennis DeYoung Earth Angel - New Edition Love Theme from The Karate Kid Part II - Bill Conti To Looking at One - Carly Simon The Storm - Bill Conti
  6. Ron


    The world is in chaos The rats are running the race The streets are on fire Evil has a new face The fields can be savage Killers walk in plain sight Days of sheer darkness Solemn turns on the night Help us all to change We can be lions Kings of the world No matter how hard the times are Our pride will find the pearls We are the lions Fighters of peace Fortune favors the bravest Grant you this war release The snow has been graying Fools are coming of age Drop a bomb
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