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  2. Just ran across this forum. Never knew it existed. Wish I had found it years ago.
  3. The Mini-Movie preceded the concert during the Kilroy Was Here tour. It was to set up the story and lead the audience into the concert.
  4. Come Together Nothing More to Say Ship of Fools Come Back to Me Escape the Rain A Matter of Yesterday I'll Meet You in Heaven Take My Hand Dream of You Won't Let Your Love Take Me Down Rise From the Fire
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Chuck Lofrano interview
  6. I Believe I Can Fly - Angels In Harlem Gospel Choir Mr. Roboto - Dennis DeYoung Babe - Dennis DeYoung Cambodia - Kim Wilde Kids In America - Kim Wilde Ouverture 1812 - Il Novecento Mad World - Tears For Fears Sowing the Seeds of Loce - Tears For Fears Alla Molto Turka - Igudesman / Joo Beethoven Goes Joyful - Angels in Harlem Gospel Choir Dreadlock Holiday - 10cc I'm Not In Love - 10cc Adagio Aus "Spartakus" - Il Novecento Juilet - Robin Gibb
  7. Don't Wait for Heroes Please Boys Will be Boys Fire Desert Moon Suspicious Gravity Dear Darling (I'll Be There) This is the Time Warning Shot Call Me Unanswered Prayers Black Wall Southbound Ryan I'll Get Lucky Person to Person
  8. Yes it still exists! I don't really have the heart to take it down, even though the forums have been pretty much dead since social media took over. I still have the hope that I'll find the time to complete all of the missing information so it can become a site celebrating all that Dennis has done in his career. But life has a way of taking over. I still haven't included information about Vol. 2 or this year's production of Hunchback. Hopefully someday. It's hard to even contact former members as most of them probably have new email addresses since they registered on the site--especially since the site started in 2004. Maybe I can have things done for the 20th anniversary
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