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  3. In songs like "Earl of Roseland," Dennis DeYoung beautifully portrays his nostalgic sentiments towards his youth and the cherished memories of home and family that kept him grounded. When listening to "Come Sail Away," it's easy to envision Dennis reminiscing about his dreams with friends on warm summer nights. However, it's the poignant lines from "Desert Moon" that truly resonate, capturing the essence of youthful aspirations and the innocence of being dreamers. Dennis's ability to convey profound emotions in just a few words is truly remarkable.
  4. Hi sir The words brilliantly convey the longing for simpler times as well as the determination required to pursue aspirations. Many people can identify to this attitude, which reminds us of the difficulties of the path.Gb Whatsapp Apk
  5. Just ran across this forum. Never knew it existed. Wish I had found it years ago.
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