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  • Earl of Roseland

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      Dennis DeYoung

      ©1973 Wooden Nickel Music (ASCAP)

    Penny pitching on the walk
    Waiting for the bus to arrive
    Me and Davy playing sport
    Watching for the cops to go by
    Spider Man and the Human Torch
    They cover Barney's newsstand
    Morning crowds start to gather round
    Fast Finger steals what he can


    Morning leaves for the afternoon
    The boys show up on time
    In the streets near the people's store
    Below the electrical sign
    Catch a glimpse of a passing car
    Raced and ready to drag
    Then the skirts start to tantalize
    The boys how they boast and they brag


    Oh the Earl of Roseland
    Oh the Earl of Roseland


    Where has he gone?
    A memory at dawn
    You're just a bit of the past


    Oh the Earl of Roseland
    Oh the Earl of Roseland


    Me and Davy gazing back
    See ourselves as we were
    How we laugh when we think of things
    That we did yesteryear
    I can see Charlie on the porch
    Johnny clicking his sticks
    And two boys I don't even know
    Rehearsing electric string tricks
    Yea yea yea yea yea yea


    Oh the Earl of Roseland


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