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  • Heavy Metal Poisoning

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      James Young

      ©1983 Stygian Songs admin. by Almo Music (ASCAP)

    Spoken backwards:
    Annuit Coeptis Novus Ordo Seclorum



    What the devil's going on
    Why don't you turn that music down
    You're going deaf and that's for sure
    But all you do is scream for more


    Get the lead out go for broke
    Pop your pills and drink and smoke
    Shoot those chemicals in your vein
    Anything to ease the pain


    Heavy Metal Poisoning
    Got a toxic wasteland in your ear canal
    You're overloaded, you're suffering
    Overloaded on sex and drugs


    Everything is black and white
    You are wrong and we are right
    First we spank your big behinds
    Then we'll twist your little minds


    I'm Dr. Righteous, and I'm here to sing
    That heavy metal is poisoning
    It's a music wasteland, that destroys the young
    They're overloaded on sex and drugs
    And Rock and Roll


    Heavy Metal Poisoning
    Got a toxic wasteland at the Love Canal
    You're overloaded, you're suffering
    Overloaded on sex and drugs


    The backwards segment at the beginning of the track is Latin and  translates to:

    "God has favored our undertakings. A new order of the ages."

    It is located on the back of a US $1.00 bill, encircling the pyramid.


    The backwards segment was a response to the Parents Resource Music Center (PRMC), an organization that thrived on the censorship of rock music, and accused Styx of adding backwards satanic messages to their music. Both the California State Legislature as well as the PRMC stated that the song Snowblind (from the album Paradise Theater) contained the backwards message "Satan move through our voice"


    The album also had a sticker on the front, identifying that the album contained backward messages. This type of label would later become a permanent reality in the music industry, as in 1985 the PRMC forced the Record Industry Association of America (RIAA) to include Parental Advisory labels  on albums that contained certain explicit lyrics.

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