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  • To the Good Old Days

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      Julian Lennon and Dennis DeYoung

      ©2020 DeYoung Songs/Grand Illusion Music/Wixen Publishing

    It's so hard to say goodbye

    So I promise not to cry

    But any tears that might be shed

    Are only tears of joy


    And I thank my lucky stars

    That we've come so very far

    Rising up against the odds

    To where we are today


    And though there may be sadness

    Let's all raise a glass

    Cheers to us and all that's passed


    To the good old days

    When the world was new

    When we still believed

    Dreams could come true


    To the good old days

    And to all our friends

    May the memories last

    May they never end


    So we'll go our several ways

    Wishing somehow we could stay

    Safe again so safe again

    in all our innocence


    We we all would sing along

    As they played our favorite song

    Dreaming of tomorrow's

    That seemed so limitless


    So as we come together

    Let's make this moment last

    Here's to us and to the past


    To the good old days

    To the sweetest years

    To the ones we loved

    Through the laughs and tears


    To the times ahead

    May we all forgive

    To the good old days

    Long may they live


    Funny how the years have slipped away

    Always there beyond our grasp

    Funny how it all seems look back

    Oh oh oh


    To the good old days

    When we all were young

    To the love we shared

    May our songs be sung


    To the times ahead

    May we all forgive

    To the good old days

    May they always live



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